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2019 Semrock Catalogue Released

The new 2019 catalogue from Semrock is now available.

What's new in 2019 ?

Accelerated 5 Fluorophore Imaging

  • LED-optimised Full Multiband Penta-band filter set
  • Expanded triple and penta LED sets
  • Over 25 light engine filter sets now available

Combined 1P & 2P Super-res/TIRF Dichroic

  • Faster confocal and multiphoton imaging
  • 405nm imaging or uncaging
  • 488/561/635nm 1p imaging
  • 800-1050nm 2P excitation

MyLight modeling now available in SearchLight

  • Model angular spectral conditions
  • Model average, S- & P-polarisation states
  • Save and share modeled theoretical spectra

Expanded Image-splitting Dichroics for Super-resolution

  • λ/5 RWE on 3mm
  • Spectral edges are optimised for popular fluorophore pairs
  • Split large diameter imaging beams

Contact us if you would like a hard copy of the catalogue or would like a quotation.

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New Bruker/JPK NanoWizard ULTRA Speed 2 AFM

Bruker introduces the new JPK NanoWizard® ULTRA Speed 2 AFM. The system combines highest speed and highest resolution AFM with advanced bio-imaging features:

  • High-speed imaging with 10frames/sec with excellent resolution
  • Now with Bruker's exclusive PeakForce Tapping as standard
  • Revolutionary new workflow-based user interface for argonomics and ease of operation
  • New tiling funcitonality for autoamted mapping of large sample areas together with the HybridStage
  • NestedScanner Technology for high-speed imaging of surface structures up to 8um
  • Unique integration with optical microscope by tip-scanning design and the newly enhanced DirectOverlay 2 mode for most precise correlative microscopy
  • New Vortis 2 controller with high-speed low-noise DAC's and cutting-edge position sensor readout technology
  • Highest flexibility and upgradeability with a broad range of modes and accessories

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

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New Microscope Objectives Brochure

Each Nikon microscope objective is precision-crafted to provide the highest level of clarity and overall optical performance. Nikon objectives, including renowned CFI60 infinity optics, deliver brilliant images of breathtaking sharpness and clarity, from ultra-low to the highest magnifications.

Explore some of Nikon's newest developments in high-performance objectives in this brochure.

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HybridStage Automated Large Sample Area Mapping

The Bruker/JPK HybridStage enables automated mapping of sample properties over a large area from millimetres to nanometres and with picoNewton force resolution.

  • Perfect for tissue samples and thicker multi-cellular layers
  • Single Cell Force Spectroscopy (SCFS)
  • Characterisation of cell-cell interactions and extracellular matrix proteins
  • Study adhesion of individual cell on (bio)materials
  • Perform membrane tether experiments
  • Visualisation of structural changes taking place at the molecular level

For further information please contact us or download the application note.

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Nikon End of Year Sale - Extended

The Nikon End of Year Sale has been extended to Thursday 28 February, due to delays in funding being announced. Significant savings are available on all of popular Nikon microscopes. Contact us for a quotation today or to discuss your requirements.

Eclipse E100LED educational microscope
Eclipse E200LED educational microscope
Eclipse Ci Clinical microscope
Eclipse Ni-U research microscope
Eclipse Ni-E motorised research microscope

SMZ445 compact zoom stereomicroscope (3.5x)
SMZ745/T zoom stereomicroscope (7.5x)
SMZ800N zoom stereomicroscope (8x)
SMZ1270 zoom stereomicroscope (12.7x)
SMZ18 research stereomicroscope (18x)
SMZ25 research stereomicroscope (25x)

Eclipse Ts2 inverted routine microscope
Eclipse Ts2R inverted research microscope
Eclipse Ti2-A/U inverted research microscope
Eclipse Ti2-E advanced inverted research microscope

Digital Cameras
Ri2 colour, large format digital CMOS camera
Qi2 monochrome, large format digital CMOS camera
Fi3 colour digital camera

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