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ChemDetect Analyser Chemical Analyser

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ChemDetect Analyser Chemical Analyser
06 Mar

ChemDetect Analyser Chemical Analyser

The ChemDetectTM Analyser is a compact, intelligent spectrometer that uses the power of quantum cascade lasers to analyse and identify chemicals. It combines the latest high-speed, broadly tunable QCL technology with advanced, uncooled detection capability. An embedded computer is programmed with chemical identification algorithms for unmatched specificity and speed.

The ChemDetect Analyser offers the advantages of a turnkey system for measuring chemical concentrations yet is configurable for OEM user. It provides spectra you can trust from the moment your turn it on. The laser module includes a built-in reference detector, and a separate high-speed signal detector captures the beam after sample interrogation. An integrated controller and data acquisition module powers the laser and receives the reference and signal detector data while drawing only 5 watts of power for the entire system. This chemical analyser is so portable that it can be taken to the sample site, whether terrestrial, airborne or beyond.

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