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Live Cell Demonstration System

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Live Cell Demonstration System
01 Aug

Live Cell Demonstration System

Now available for demonstration

The Ti-2 is Nikons most advanced inverted microscope

The Ti2 delivers an unparalleled 25mm FOV ideal for large-scale and high throughput imaging. Perfectly complimented by the latest large format CMOS cameras this extended view significantly increases data capture and achieves full system-level imaging effortlessly.

Our demo microscope includes the high sensitivity DS-Qi2 CMOS camera equipped with the large 30.0 x 3.9 mm, 16,25magepixel sensor to maximise the performance of the Ti2.

[Image result for nikon Ti-2] Single FOV of cultured neurons, captured with a CFI Plan Apo lambda 60x objective and DS-Qi2 camera

An assist guide provides interactive graphical procedures for all available microscope modes allowing users of any experience level to quickly configure the microscope for imaging and accurately perform any necessary alignment tasks. A vast array of sensors detects and continuously monitors the status of all major optical components, automatically displaying any set-up errors.

Other features available to demo include on-board hardware triggering, auto-water immersion dropper, a redesigned fast XY stage, the latest objectives and Nikons unique external phase contrast.


The increasing demands for higher throughput and faster acquisitions can now be achieved easily by a combination of advanced hardware and sophisticated software. You can explore your research like never before as our demonstration microscope is accompanied by the latest acquisition interface, NIS Elements, which features advanced image capture and analysis controls and includes the revolutionary JOBs interface for automated and conditional experimental routines.

Together with the latest in LED diascopic and epi-fluorescent illumination and stage-top environmental control, the demonstration Nikon Ti2 microscope is fully equipped for live cell imaging.

If you would like to learn more about the Ti2 or interested in a demonstration please contact us.