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Nikon Christmas Sale

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Nikon Christmas Sale
17 Oct

Nikon Christmas Sale

The Nikon Christmas Sale is now on ! Significant savings are available on all of popular Nikon microscopes. Contact us for a quotation today or to discuss your requirements.

Eclipse E100LED educational microscope
Eclipse E200LED educational microscope
Eclipse Ci Clinical microscope
Eclipse Ni-U research microscope
Eclipse Ni-E motorised research microscope

SMZ445 compact zoom stereomicroscope (3.5x)
SMZ745/T zoom stereomicroscope (7.5x)
SMZ800N zoom stereomicroscope (8x)
SMZ1270 zoom stereomicroscope (12.7x)
SMZ18 research stereomicroscope (18x)
SMZ25 research stereomicroscope (25x)

Eclipse Ts2 inverted routine microscope
Eclipse Ts2R inverted research microscope
Eclipse Ti2-A/U inverted research microscope
Eclipse Ti2-E advanced inverted research microscope

Digital Cameras
Ri2 colour, large format digital CMOS camera
Qi2 monochrome, large format digital CMOS camera
Fi3 colour digital camera