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Webinar : New Advances in Nanoscale IR Spectroscopy

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Webinar : New Advances in Nanoscale IR Spectroscopy
20 Mar

Webinar : New Advances in Nanoscale IR Spectroscopy

Thursday 21 March 2019
Melbourne (Australia) : 4:30pm
Singapore : 1:30pm
India : 11:00am

IR Spectroscopy techqniue has been widely used to identify the chemical components, stufy confirmation changes in molecules and phase transition in mteraisl; and analyse strain/stress in materials and devices. However, the spatial resolution of traditional IR spectroscopy technique is limited by optical diffraction. With the latest ATR probe, the spetial resolution can be improved to several μm. However, this is still far below the requirements of today’s researches, especially in nanomaterials and life sciences.

Atomic force microscopy-based infrared spectroscopy (AFM-IR) is a newly exploited technique that overcomes the diffraction limit and achieves the nanoscale spatial resolution. In the past decade, a lot of improvements have been made to enhance the spatial resolution and detection sensitivity.

In this webinar, we will share the latest developments in AFM-IR technologies including using cantilever Q factor to enhance IR detection sensitivity in tapping mode, resonance technique to enhance photothermal IR detection sensitivity, and using IR evanescent field coupling to detect IR spectrum in water. These developments enabled us to achieve a spatial resolution of sub 10nm, sensitivity of single molecular layer, and expanded IR measurements to aqueous solution for life science researches. In addition to the technology development discussion, we will showcase extensive application examples to illustrate how the latest developments enable new researches, especially in nanomaterials, composite materials, life sciences, photonics and energy conversation.