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October, 2013

EYLSA 780nm Single Frequency Laser Source:
Simplifying Atomic Cooling Experiments

Atomic cooling experiments are elegant manifestations of precision optical instrumentation and require highly stable laser sources with responsive feedback mechanisms to manipulate the clouds of atoms trapped within the interaction region. The optical requirements for these experiments are demanding: construction of the laser sources and ancillary apparatus can take months, and frequent alignment and maintenance can affect the research productivity of these setups.

Quantel’s new EYLSA laser is designed to help simplify experimental setups and minimise maintenance requirements while delivering the power and noise performance required for sensitive atom cooling experiments.

EYLSA is a single-frequency, amplified fibre laser in a single rack mount housing. A three stage design, the optical path between the oscillator and amplifier is optionally ported to a user-supplied EOM, and the post-amplifier/harmonic optical output includes a pickoff for wavelength monitoring. All fibre connections are spliced, and the harmonic module is completely sealed as an internal component.

EYLSA was designed with simplicity and high performance as the two key goals. Quantel’s success in achieving these goals is confirmed by Dr. Andrea Bertoldi, discussing his recent experience with the EYLSA 780 for use in Rubidium experimentation in Alain Aspect’s group at the Institut d’Optique, Palaiseau, France:

"It has been very fast: the installation took some hours... During my PhD, I spent several months building extended cavity diode lasers, injecting tapered amplifiers, and aligning optics! And the advantage is not just during the assembly of the experiment, but also later when the setup must perform reliably on the long term. The system is all fibered so presumably very robust and stable.”
"Turning on a system that immediately delivers an intense beam (1W) at the right wavelength saves a lot of time."

More of Dr. Bertoldi’s feedback can be found here.

EYLSA offers the following performance and features:

  • >1W of 780nm light delivered from a SM/PM fibre (collimator optional)
  • TEM00 output with M2 <1.2
  • Wide thermal tuning range (100 GHz) and linewidths to <0.2 MHz
  • Up to 100kHz piezo response bandwidth for locking
  • Plug-and-play compatible with most commercial PID devices
  • Mid-stage access (between oscillator and amplifier) for user-provided modulation
  • Simple touchscreen interface for tuning and operation
  • 2 year warranty and no maintenance requirements

Supplementary information for the Quantel EYLSA product line can also be found online.

EYLSA 780 is the initial release in this line, primarily targeting rubidium cooling applications with a nominal 780nm output. Quantel is actively encouraging researcher feedback concerning new wavelengths and new applications so please contact us with your questions and suggestions.

For more information about the EYLSA design, potential applications in your lab, or budgeting information, please contact us for assistance:



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