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August 2014

Correlated NanoChemical Mapping with Unprecedented Ease

Infrared microscopy plays a vital role in chemical identification and the understanding of chemical behaviour of bulk materials. It has however been limited in the application to study individual nanoscale objects that are used in modern materials development due to the limit imposed by optical diffraction.

Combining high performance Atomic Force Microscopy with a complete turn-key IR integration, the Bruker InspireTM provides the highest-resolution nanoscale chemical imaging possible with features down to <10nm in size, and to atomic layer thicknesses able to be clearly resolved in the IR.

Bruker Inspire provides high resolution image and clean identification of different constituents of this PS-PMMA blend to 10nm IR resolution

Exclusive Bruker PeakForceTM AFM technology further enables correlated and simultaneous nanoChemical, nanoMechanical and nanoElectrical properties of even the most delicate nanoscale objects to be understood and provides the most comprehensive knowledge possible about an individual sample or location.

High sensitivity IR detection allows the Bruker Inspire to image even the slightest chemical change due to layer number in this monolayer Pentacene sample

Combined with ScanAsystTM automatic system optimisation, expert quality results that would have previously taken months or years of experience are now available to users of virtually all skill levels.

To learn more about how the Bruker InspireTM can meet the needs of your research, or to book a presentation at your facility, contact us today. Download the brochure.

WEBINAR : Alternatively, register for the webinar on 20 August, 2014, 2am AEST.

The Bruker Inspire can be applied to a wide range of samples such as this sectioned optical fibre bundle.

New SCM-PtSi AFM Probe

Bruker's new platinum silicide AFM probe (Model Number: SCM-PtSi) is the ideal choice for Scanning Capacitance Microscopy (SCM) measurements on the most advanced semiconductor features. It provides the unique combination of increased hardness for outstanding wear resistance, enhance conductive properties, and the highest resolution imaging. Down the datasheet or read more on Bruker's probe website.

15% off Electrical AFM Probes

Bruker AFM Probes is pleased to announce their Summer Probes promotion. Bruker's high quality AFM probes for electrical applications are now on sale until the end of October. Enjoy an additional 15% discount on the new SCM-PtSi platinum silicide probes and the new DDESP-V2 doped diamond probes, as well as on our Value Line, PeakForce Tapping, or other high performance probes for electrical applications. Stock up and combine the additional 15% discount with our quantity discounts on multiple packs for the highest level of savings. Read more on Bruker's probe website.


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