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March 2014

New SMZ25 Stereomicroscope - See it for Yourself

Since the release of the new SMZ18 and SMZ25 stereomicroscopes, these systems have proved very popular providing researchers with high resolution imaging not previously possible with a stereomicroscope. Both systems provide macroscopic and microscopic imaging capabilities. Combined with Nikon's newly-developed objective lens, the SHG Plan Apo series, the systems offers superior resolution never before seen on a stereomicroscope. The SHG Plan Apo 2x Objective enables visualisation of structures as small as a few microns, once considered impossible on a stereomicroscope. Like to see it for yourself? Contact your local salesperson below to arrange to trial our SMZ25 in your laboratory.

High Resolution AFM

The Multimode 8 is Bruker's premier high-resolution research AFM, which is available with an extensive list of new features and accessories that make it ideal for the most demanding AFM applications. Bruker's new Peak Force TappingTM technology has enabled exclusive new operating modes that deliver new information, superior ease of use, even higher performance and new levels of speed and productivity.

Specifically, imaging in fluid has never been easier. There is no need for cantilever tuning and ScanAsyst continuously monitors the tip-sample interaction force, thereby eliminating setpoint drift.

Right: Cell Structure imaged with ScanAsyst-HR. Scan size 8┬Ám, scan rate 1Hz. Sample is extremely challenging to image with conventional AC modes even at much slower scan rates.

New pE-4000 Universal Light Source

The new pE-4000 from CoolLED sets the standard as the universal light source for fluorescence microscopy. Users can operate the system as a simple white light source (replacing a conventional mercury-based light source), or as an advanced, fully-controllable, excitation and stimulation source. The flexibility and extensive functionality of the pE-4000 broadens the range of illumination options in core facilities.

At the centre of the pE-4000 is CoolLED's novel patent pending, wavelength-grouping concept which offers more power in an efficient system design. Wavelength-grouping ensures optimal compatibility with all single and multi-band filter sets.

Investigating Cell Mechanics with PeakForce QNM

Date: Thursday, March 13, 2014
Time: 2am - 3am AEDT

Cell biology has seen a surge in mechanobiology-related research directed towards understanding how cells exert and respond to forces. Examining the effects of forces on cells has a wide range of applications, from understanding disease pathology to the development of tissue engineering devices. Atomic force microscopy (AFM) not only allows direct examination of the nanoscale structure of cell membrane surfaces, it also provides unique opportunities to quantitatively measure the nanomechanical properties of live cells. While force spectroscopy and force volume imaging are the most common AFM modes used to measure mechanical forces, they both unfortunately suffer from slow acquisition speeds.

The recent release of Bruker's PeakForce QNM resolves this limitation and has successfully demonstrated improved results in terms of resolution, speed, ease-of-use, and quality of the information delivered. PeakForce QNM imaging of living cells provides both high-resolution and quantitative two-dimensional spatial maps of cell mechanics that directly correlate to cell topography. Additionally, the different frequencies accessible with both force volume and PeakForce QNM provide new opportunities for examination of viscoelastic properties. In this webinar Bruker will review their latest progress using the BioScope Catalyst AFM and PeakForce QNM to study live mammalian and prokaryotic cells, as well as describe the latest NanoScope and NanoScope Analysis features for acquiring and analysing nanomechanical measurements.


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