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Compact Spectrometer with Automated Focus

Andor has released the Shamrock 193i compact spectrograph with Adaptive Focus Technology. This latest addition to Andor's portfolio of modular spectrographs complements their existing range of longer focal length Czerny-Turner, broadband Echelle and high throughput transmission spectrographs.

The new adaptive focusing automatically provides the best spectral resolution for any combination of grating, camera or wavelength range, with unmatched repeatability. The F/3.6 aperture, combined with Andor's range of ultra-sensitive CCD, ICCD, EMCCD and InGaAs detectors offers a "workhorse" spectroscopy platform with superb photon collection efficiency, ideal for challenging low-light applications or routine spectroscopy. A wide range of accessories is available integrating the spectrograph with microscopes, optical fibre setups or other experiments. Download the brochure.

We currently have a demonstration system available (with iDus CCD detector) for trial in your lab. Please contact us to arrange a demo of this versatile and affordable system !

Scientific CMOS Cameras

Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) is a breakthrough technology that offers an advanced set of features making it ideal for high fidelity, quantitative scientific measurement. The multi-megapixel sensors offer a large field of view and high resolution, without compromising read noise, dynamic range or frame rate. Andor's Zyla and Neo cameras offer 4.2 and 5.5 megapixel formats with the following impressive specifications:

Peak QE: 82% (Zyla)
Read noise : 1e- (Neo)
Frame rate : 100fps at full resolution

These capabilities makes sCMOS a compelling alternative to CCD cameras in many applications, especially as prices start below A$20,000. Download the brochure.

We currently have a demonstration Zyla 4.2P camera available for trial in your lab.
contact us to arrange a demo !

Energetiq - The Innovators in Light

Coherent Scientific is pleased to announce it is now distributing Energetiq's products throughout Australia and New Zealand. Energetiq is a developer and manufacturer of advanced light sources that enable the manufacture and analysis of nano-scale structures and products. Used in complex scientific and engineering applications, Energetiq's light products are based on new technology that generates high brightness and high power light in the 170nm to 2100nm range with high reliability, high stability and long life, all in a compact package. Energetiq website.

Next-Generation MultiMode AFM

Bruker has recently launched the new MultiMode 8-HRTM which offers even more capabilities than before. Powered by Bruker's industry-leading PeakForce Tapping® technology, the new MultiMode offers a host of new nanmechanics capabilities, higher speed imaging and it's surprisingly simple-to-use.

  • Increased imaging speed in PeakForce Tapping mode - up to 4x faster in both fluid and air, with no loss of resolution
  • Higher resolution PeakForce QNM® and new "No Touch" provide calibration within minutes
  • New FastForce VolumeTM with increased speed, ease of use, and additional materials properties

Download the datasheet.


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