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May 2015

Dual Output Laser for MPE

The new Chameleon Discovery dual-wavelength laser for multi-photon excitation from Coherent enables cutting edge dual fluorescence detection techniques in non-linear microscopy. A combination of high average power across a wide tuning range (680nm to 1300nm), enhanced beam parameters such as reduced astigmatism and pulses optimised for maximum sample depth and contrast enables deep in-vivo excitation of fluorescent probes, such as eGFP and mCherry simultaneously. The long wavelength capabilities of the Discovery laser out to 1300nm address perfectly the ongoing developments in RFP's and red-shifted calcium indicators for deep sample imaging with reduced background noise. High peak power ensures optimised performance for label-free techniques such as SHG and THG. Download the datasheet to learn more.

The Nikon BioStation IM-Q is a compact cell incubator and monitoring system that allows users with minimal microscopy experience to conduct live cell imaging without a steep learning curve. The BioStation IM-Q time-lapse imaging system facilitates a broad array of short-term and long-term time-lapse experiments, including studies of cell growth, morphology, and protein expression. This is facilitated by providing consistent environmental control of temperature, humidity and gas concentration in combination with phase and fluorescence imaging of exceptional quality. Download the datasheet to learn more.

Webinar : Latest Developments of Bio-AFM
Advancements for Bioscope Resolve for Biomedical Research

Date: Thursday 21 May 2015, 4pm AEST

Bioscope Resolve is the latest and best release of Bio-AFM and has significantly improved from all other peer systems. Over years of innovation, not only the instrumental barrier of operation has been lowered dramatically to enable less experienced users to obtain expert level results, but also the tool is able to achieve ultra-high resolution surface images on living cells and single molecules with quantitative and simultaneous property mapping capabilities.

In this webinar Bruker will introduce the most advanced and yet user friendly features of Bioscope Resolve and present the latest results collected on living cells and single molecules that were for the first time acquired by Bio-AFM.


Ben Hibbs
Laser Microscopy - VIC
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Brad Hope
Laser Microscopy - WA
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Andrew Marshall
Laser Microscopy - NT, SA, TAS
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Andrew Masters
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Dr Robert Woolley
Microscopy Applications Specialist
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