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We are very pleased to announce that Coherent Scientific and Andor have entered a closer partnership with Coherent Scientific becoming sole distributor for Andor products in Australia and New Zealand.

The agreement, which takes effect 14 April 2016, recognises Coherent Scientific's strengths to supply and support scientific imaging systems and we look forward to working together to bring new and enabling technologies to the research community.

Andor manufactures a range of high-performance digital cameras for advanced imaging applications in the life sciences and physical sciences. Camera technologies included CCD, EMCCD and scientific CMOS. Andor's fast innovative pace is one reason why they are the premier imaging company, with camera technology such as the new large format iXon888 EMCCD and the Zyla and Neo families of scientific CMOS cameras.

Andor also manufacture a range of Spinning Disc confocal microscopes, namely the Diskovery and Revolution systems, which together with the above imaging cameras and the Nikon Eclipse Ti-E inverted microscope provide high-speed, high-resolution confocal imaging platforms.

Andor's committment to imaging extends further into active illumination systems with their Mosaic, MicroPoint and FRAPPA technologies.

We look forward to working with and supporting you over the coming months and years. Please contact us to discuss how Andor products may be used in your research.

Cameras for MicroscopySpinning Disk Confocal Microscopes


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Microscopy - ACT/NSW, NZ
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Microscopy - NSW
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Microscopy - QLD
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Laser Microscopy - NT, SA, TAS
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Microscopy - VIC
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Laser Microscopy - VIC
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Laser Microscopy - WA
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Microscopy Applications Specialist
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WPI Sales
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National Sales Administration
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