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New High-Power Femtosecond Lasers

Coherent's original Monaco is a "one box" diode-pumped ultrafast laser delivering 40µJ at 1035nm, with repetition rate variable from single shot to 1MHz. Standard pulsewidth is <400fs and an option is available for variable pulsewidth from <400fs to 10ps.

Coherent has recently released new versions of the Monaco. The Monaco 1035-60 delivers 60µJ at 1035nm with average power of 40W while the Monaco 517-30 delivers 30µJ pulses at 517nm with average power of 20W.

Monaco has outstanding beam quality (M2 < 1.2) making it ideal for demanding micromachining applications in research and industrial environments. Homogeneous materials such as glass and metals as well as complex layered structures are readily addressed with Monaco's sub-400fs pulsewidth.

Download the datasheet to learn more.

New Dual Phase Analog Lock-In Amplifier

For over half a century, the lock-in amplifier has been the instrument of choice for measuring small AC signals in the presence of noise. The capabilities of the modern DSP lock-in amplifier in stability, dynamic reserve, and flexibility were revolutionary, making it a mainstay for researchers and engineers across multiple fields. But in moving forward, something was left behind. For a core group of users, low-temperature researchers in particular, the new instruments became a potential source of high-frequency interference.

Recognising that one size shouldn't have to fit all, SRS is proud to introduce the SR124 Single-Phase and SR2124 Dual-Phase Analog Lock-In Amplifiers. Inspired by the best of an earlier generation's lock-ins, but availing itself of today's low-noise analogue components and design methodologies, the SR124 and SR2124 are a tour de force in low-noise, high-performance analog instrumentation. Download the datasheet to learn more.

NEW Fast Response Thermopile Sensors

Coherent PowerMax Pro sensors represent a dramatic technological advancement in laser power sensing that combines the broad wavelength sensitivity, dynamic range and laser damage resistance of a thermopile with the response speed of a semiconductor photodiode.

By measuring the heat generated by an incident laser through a thin film on the sensor, instead of the traditional method of measuring at the edges of the sensor, the PowerMax-Pro is able to achieve a response time <10µs and even trace the pulse shape of modulated lasers up to 25kHz.

The PowerMax Pro is available in a variety of models, covering a wide wavelength range and can measure up to 15kW peak power. Download the datasheet or watch the video.

New VSM - Advanced Measurement Performance

The New 8600 Series VSM from Lake Shore raises the bar for magnetometer performance and convenience. A complete change in the acquisition architecture permits an unprecedented data rate with exceptional built-in noise suppression. New automated sample alignment ensures the best measurement sensitivity and measure repeatability.

With a very low noise floor, just 25nemu, the new 8600 affords measurements with noise comparable to SQUID. The 8600 Series also offers the widest sample temperature range from 4.2K to 1273K.

Field setting resolution of 1mOe is available across the entire measurement range, and especially helpful in regions where the moment gradient ΔM is high. This fine resolution, combined with high sensitivity and fast measurement speed make the 8600 Series ideal for first order reversal curve (FORC) measurement, which inherently involve very large data sets.

Christian Gow visited Lake Shore recently and saw this impressive new instrument in action. Contact Christian to learn more (0408) 617 243 or email him or watch the video.

Get 130nm Resolution and 5x Better Dimension Repeatability on NanoScale Structures with Bruker's Acuity XR

Bruker's high resolution and high accuracy optical 3D microscopes, the Contour Elite product range, can resolve features down to 130nm laterally through the patented Acuity-XR imaging algorithm. This sub-diffraction resolution capability combined with Bruker's objective independent Angstrom vertical sensitivity and sub-angstrom measurement repeatability provide the best possible capability for quick and easy metrology on sub-micro surface objects. Acuity-XR not only allows sub-diffraction limited measurement, but also improves dimensional repeatablity on nanoscale structures by a factor of 5x compared with conventional techniques.

In addition, Bruker's Vision64 software includes as standard automated data analysis to provide instant results as well as a wealth of options for automated measurement across one or multiple samples providing an unprecedented level of measurement efficiency and accuracy.

To learn more about how Bruker's Contour Elite platform can suit your surface measurement needs please contact us today.


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