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Are you going to the LASER World of PHOTONICS conference next week? We hope you find this information about new product releases and booth locations for some of our suppliers useful. LASER is being held in the Munich Trade Fair Centre and begins on Monday.

Join Professors Hänsch and René Beigang for an evening of "Seeing the Light" (RSVP)

Menlo Systems, Hall B2, Booth #409

On Wednesday 24 June (day 3) you are invited to join an evening with Professor Dr. T. W. Hänsch Nobel Prize Winner 2005, and cofounder of Menlo Systems. His presentation "What can we do with Laser Frequency Combs" will be followed by a lecture with Professor René Beigang (TU Kaiserslautern) "The Illusion of the Laws of Nature" and traditional Bavarian Dancegroup D'onarbichler. Bavarian Food and Beer, and also facility tours and bus transfers provided. Please RSVP if you would like to attend this fantastic evening !

See the latest developments in optical frequency combs on their booth. Menlo will present results of the first clock comparison conducted in space using their technology, and will have on display the frequency comb system that served in the space mission. Also on display includes a demonstration of an ultra compact rack mounted frequency comb, the latest generation of femtosecond lasers for industrial applications and THz systems for fast nondestructive testing and imaging.

New Highly Flexible, Double Pulse Nd:YAG Laser for PIV, LIBS, LIF and Holography Applications

Quantel, Hall B3, Booth 179

Different experiments often require vastly different beam properties, pulse separation, focusability, variation in time in order to visualise flows, image complex process or to create plasmas for material analysis. Introducing the Q-smart 850 Pulse Nd:YAG laser, which includes Quantel's innovative Automatic Phase Matching (APM) feature, enabling intelligent, hands-off auto tuning of the crystals. The Q-smart's superior beam quality and tight divergence permit PIV researchers to produce the large, thin light sheets they require for 1:1 scale and 3D measurements. Harmonic generators are avilable in 532nm, 355nm, 266nm and 213nm. Read the press release.

3W Visible Fibre Laser

Also on display for the first time will be the new ELBA high power fibre laser, which delivers up to 3W of power in the visible and 10W in the IR in a maintenance free package. Any wavelength from 530nm to 577nm, 635nm to 665nm, 770nm to 790nm, 1060 to 1154nm and 1550 to 1570nm is available. The system has exceptional beam quality (M2 < 1.1) which enables efficient fibre delivery without losses. Download the datasheet.

High-Speed EMCCD Provides Unprecedented Low-Light Imaging Performance

Princeton Instruments, Hall A2, Booth 109

The new ProEM-HS:1024BX3 is the latest addition to the ProEM® line of high-speed EMCCD cameras. It has a 1024 x 1024 back-illuminated EMCCD chip, with patented eXcelon® 3 technology (X3) making it ideal for low-light imaging and spectroscopy applications with QE >95%. Enabled by 30MHz ADC readout capability, this camera delivers 25 full fps. Additional, the unique spectra-kinetics mode is designed to deliver >300,000 spectra per second in burst mode. Download the datasheet.

Lightfield® 5.0 Next Generation Scientific Imaging and Spectroscopy Software

The first major upgrade of this power software, LightField V5.0, incorporates hundreds of enhancements and exclusive features. Some of these user-friendly advancements are:

  • An all-new 'math engine' for analysing 64-bit data in real-time,
  • An improved 'smart search' that directs users to the controls they want as they are typing
  • An interactive 'virtual optical bench' for conveniently managing multiple experiment setups
  • Automatic export of data in a wide variety of popular formats
  • Seamless integration of hardware controls and direct data acquisition in NI LabVIEW® and MathWorks' MATLAB®

View the video.

Experience a Smart Approach to Fibre Lasers

Coherent, Hall A2, Booth 231

Experience the next generation of industrial fibre lasers. Coherent's new multi-kilowatt modular fibre laser platform HighLight FL is the smarter approach to fibre lasers, offering industrial users the next generation fibre laser platform for demanding applications in cutting and welding. Read more.

See the world's first commerically available fully sealed, high power Carbon Monoxide (CO) laser. Coherent will pre-launch the J-3 Series based laser capable of over 200 Watts average power with a wavelength in the 5-6µm range at LASER.

APEHall B2
Booth 416
AerotechHall A2
Booth 426
Daylight SolutionsHall A2
Booth 300
Edinburgh InstrumentsHall B2
Booth 457
FianiumHall B2
Booth 426
Imagine OpticsHall A2
Booth 509
TMCHall A2
Booth 407


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