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It was a big week at Photonics West last week, here are some of the new products on display :

Monaco is a family of femtosecond industrial lasers from Coherent with a MOPA architecture. The 1035nm model provides 40µJ/pulse (40W at 1MHz). Pulse-picking to single shot and adjustable pulse durations (<0.4-10ps) enable current and future applications in materials processing and microelectronics applications. Download the datasheet.

New to Coherent's Monaco family of femtosecond industrial lasers is the second harmonic model, providing 20µJ/pulse at 517nm. Monaco's sub-400fs pulsewidths make the laser ideal for processing homogeneous materials (glass and metals) as well as complex, layered structures. Download the datasheet.

The Opera-F is an optical parametric amplifier (OPA) that adds wavelength tunability to Coherent's Monaco platform. Opera-F delivers a broad tuning range, 650nm to 900nm and 1200nm to 2500nm. Pumped by 40W at 1MHz from a Monaco amplifier, Opera-F can deliver >4W signal + idler. Download the datasheet.

Fianium's new WhitelaseTM SC-IR-8 is designed to give a guaranteed minimum power density over the widest possible spectral range and is particularly optimised for wavelengths >2,000nm. With a cut-in wavelength of <450nm, it is also an excellent general purpose supercontinuum light source. Download the datasheet.

The new Q-scan from Quantel is a high resolution nanosecond dye laser providing output from 200nm to 4.5µm. The Q-scan's exceptional linearity (2pm) ensures the highest wavelength accuracy during scanning. Download the datasheet.

The new Viron laser from Quantel Laser is a very compact DPSS laser providing 30mJ @ 20Hz, 1064nm. It is a complete integrated package (laser head and control electronics in one housing) requiring only DC power. Download the datasheet.


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