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July 2014

Aerotech Motion Control

Coherent Scientific is now the exclusive distributor throughout Australia and New Zealand for motion control products from Aerotech (USA). Since 1970, Aerotech has designed and manufactured the highest performance motion control and positioning systems for customers in industry and in research institutions around the world. Aerotech's products are used in demanding applications in areas such as photonics, laser processing, synchrotron science, semiconductor and flat panel manufacturing, data storage and aerospace. Read more.

New SEM Picoindenter

Marrying high resolution imaging capability and analytical measurement techniques available within the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with precision depth-sensing mechanical testing enables research into fundamental structural mechanics with new levels of correlation. The Hysitron PI series SEM nanoindenters are compatible with all major commerical SEM brands.

The PI 85xR SEM PicoIndenter offers higher maximum loads and displacements than the standard PI 85 while maintaining industry-leading noise floors, effectively bridging the gap between nano- and micro-scale. The system features peak loads of >100mN and displacements up to 150µm. The increased normal force range of the PI 85xR has been designed to accurately test dimensionally large and/or hard structures which require larger loads to induce failure, fracture, or yield. Read more online or download the datasheet.

Corrosion Monitoring with Bruker 3D Optical Microscopes

Corrosion in the oil transport and refining industry degrades infrastructure and materials at a cost approaching $8 billion annually. Research scientists and engineers interested in oil production materials and additives and how they influence the extent of and rates of corrosion need fast and accurate methods to image and quantify structural damage. Bruker’s 3D optical microscopes provide excellent large field-of-view images at high resolution, as well as accurate vertical scale information for the characterisation of damaging corrosion. Read more online or download the brochure.

Image left: 3D image of corrosion coupon with representative pits circled in green

Webinar - Green Lubricants and Effective Tribo-Characterisation

Date: Tuesday 8 July 2014
Time: 3:30pm - 4:30pm AEST

Green tribology is expected to not only save energy and materials but also reduce environmental impact, all leading to an improved quality of life. In recent years, eco-friendly and bio-degradable lubricants/additives have gained tremendous attention due to sustainability awareness.

With increased regulatory control, implementation of green solutions for oil and lubricants is becoming mandatory. For wider applications and cost effectiveness, green lubricants need to match the performance of mineral based oils and lubricants. Today researchers in universities/institutes and lubricant manufacturers face new challenge to find balance of both eco-friendliness and performance.

Lubrication Science and Engineering deals with knowledge and techniques that help enhance or characterise the effectiveness of lubricating films in order to prevent damage in solid contacts.

3D EDS : Visualising the True Structure of Materials

Date: Thursday 31 July 2014
Time: 2am - 3am AEST

Investigating the true, three-dimensional structure of materials is key to understanding of the link between structure and properties. Electron-beam instruments traditionally provide images and microanalysis in two dimensions and three-dimensional properties are often simply inferred from this data. By combining electron microscopes with focused ion beam instruments, we can expand these analytical capabilities into three-dimensions, with a high degree of automation and reproducibility.

After a brief description of 3D serial sectioning for EDS analysis, this webinar will concentrate on how advances in the 3D visualisation software allows for true microanalysis of individual features within the 3D structure, taking examples on a variety of materials such as corrosion products in steels and particles in superalloys.


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