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The Ultimate 20W Supercontinuum Fibre Laser
with Laser Line Tunable Filter

** Limited Time Special Offer **

Fianium's award winning WhiteLaseTM SC400-20 supercontinuum system is the world's most advanced white-light fibre laser. Key features include:

  • 20W total output power - the most powerful supercontinuum laser available
  • Full spectrum spanning from 400nm to 2500nm
  • 4W visible power (extended visible range, 400nm-850nm)

In combination with the state of the art LLTF Contrast tunable filter, you have the ultimate picosecond tunable laser:

  • Tuning range 400nm-1000nm (optional 1000nm-2300nm)
  • Up to 15mW average power
  • Bandwidth <2.5nm with >60dB out-of-band suppression

For quotations issued in February and March only you can take advantage of the special package offer*:

  • WhiteLase SC400-20 Supercontinuum Laser
  • FREE LLTF Contrast Laser Line Tunable Filter

Don't need 20W of power? No problem - Fianium has a full range of supercontinuum fibre lasers from 200mW to 20W to suit every budget. Contact us to discuss a package offer for your application.

Visit Fianium at Photonics West booth 2417 and BiOs booth 8600

* Special offer valid for offers placed within 6 months of date of quotation


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