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September 2014

Nikon C2+ Confocal Special Pricing

Coherent Scientific together with Nikon Instruments are pleased to make available a special offer on the Nikon C2+ confocal system with an upright Ni-E microscope for just AUD149,957 ex-GST until 20th December 2014.

System includes:

  • Motorised Ni-E upright microscope with manual stage
  • C2+ confocal scan head with 3 channel detector and transmission detector
  • New LU-N3 alignment free laser launch with 405nm, 488nm and 561nm lasers
  • Highest quality Plan Apochromat objectives 10x, 20x, 40x and 60xoil
  • Easy to use yet powerful NIS Elements software

Terms and conditions apply. Special pricing on the C2+ with Ti-E inverted microscope is also available. Contact us today for more information.

New Ti-LAPP Modular Illumination System

The Nikon Ti-LAPP (Ti microscope - Light Applications) system is the latest generation of illumination control from Nikon designed to meet the demands of performance, scalability and freedom within a single modular illumination system.

Based on the Eclipse Ti inverted microscope, the LAPP's systems provide a diverse range of illumination options that can be flexibly combined to create an imaging system tailored for individual research needs. The Nikon Ti-LAPP systems provides module illuminators for epi-fluorescence, TIRF modules (both an affordable manual version and a new auto-alignment option) and two photostimulation modules (a single point stimulation/FRAP system and multi-point stimulation device, DMD system, which stimulates any arbitrary region of interest simultaneously).

The Ti-E stratum structure enables up to five illumination modules that can be combined within a single system.

Offering true flexibility, the arrangement of each component can be designed to satisfy specific research applications and provides improved scalability by the support of expansion of necessary modules. Control of both motorised branch units and illumination modules is fully integrated within the Nikon advanced imaging software, NIS-Elements. Read more online.

Two Exceptional Cameras - One Exceptional Price

Two diverse technologies enable you to seamlessly alternate between two cameras for optimised imaging support. The package includes:

  • optiMOS sCMOS Camera which provides high frame rate live cell imaging from 100 frames per second (fps) at full resolution to 1630 fps in a sub-region
  • Rolera Thunder EMCCD Camera which provides ultimate low light capability with >90% QE, large pixels and <1e- read noise
  • Warranties for both cameras with option to purchase extended warranty for only USD1,000/camera for a full five years of coverage

Fast delivery and easy set up ! Special Price AUD36,000 ex-GST, contact us today.

New Micro-Manager Driver Module for OBIS Lasers

Micro-Manager is open source microscopy software for the control of automated microscopes and accessories. It works with microscopes from major manufacturers, most scientific-grade cameras and many peripherals (stages, filter wheels, shutters etc). The most recent version contains a driver module for Coherent OBIS lasers. OBIS is a compact, smart laser offering plug-and-play simplicity available with a range of output wavelengths and powers – more than 30 in the region 355nm to 785nm. Read more or download the latest version.

NanoFil Sub-microlitre Injection System for Small Animal Research

WPI's NanoFil is a specially designed syringe developed in response to customer requests for improved microinjection in mice and other small animals. It makes quantitative nanolitre injection much easier and more accurate than any other method currently in use.

When used with its digital controller SYS-MICRO4 the UltraMicroPump III can dispense as little as 600 picolitres per incremental advance of the syringe piston (using a 0.5μL syringe). Syringes may be filled externally and then inserted into the pump or filled while mounted in the pump. Fluids injected or withdrawn are held entirely within the micro syringe to maintain a low fluid dead volume in the micropump.

Read more online or view WPI's online catalogues: Laboratory Equipment or Surgical Instruments


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