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Ex-demo Benchtop SEM for Immediate Sale

The NeoScope benchtop SEM from Nikon/JEOL extends your vision by combining the familiarity of a digital camera with the high resolution and depth of field of a powerful SEM. Our ex-demonstration NeoScope is now available for immediate sale and delivery at a heavily reduced price. Download the brochure and contact Andrew Marshall for further information.
Image: zinc oxide, Vac-High, 15,000x

Nikon Polarising Microscopes
Superb Optical Performance

The LV100N POL from Nikon is a high quality polarising microscope with superb optical performance and is available in diascopic and episcopic illumination.  The exclusive high-intensity halogen light source generates less heat and thereby reduces the chance of heat-induced focus drift. For more routine applications Nikon also offer the compact Eclipse Ci-POL and the educational E200 POL. Download the brochure.

NEW Nikon Stereomicroscopes

Nikon stereomicroscopes provide both excellent optical performance, such as high-magnification, high-zoom ratio and high-resolution, and advanced operability. The Nikon SMZ800N has a wide zoom ratio of 8:1 (1-8x zoom range) and the SMZ1270 offers the highest-in-class zoom ratio of 12.7:1 (0.63 - 8x). Download the brochure.

Temperature Controlled Stages

Market leaders in temperature controller microscopy, the THMS600 from Linkam Scientific is one of the most widely used heating and freezing microscope stages available. It is used in many applications where high heating/freezing rates and high accuracy (0.01°C) and stabilty (<0.1°C) are needed. The THMS600 has a temperature range of -196°C to 600°C. Download the brochure.


Tony Bradshaw
Microscopy - ACT/NSW, NZ
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Microscopy - NSW
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Kieren McHugh
Microscopy - QLD
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Paul Pearce
Microscopy - QLD
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Andrew Marshall
Laser Microscopy - NT, SA, TAS
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Rishi Raj
Microscopy - VIC
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Ben Hibbs
Laser Microscopy - VIC
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Laser Microscopy - WA
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Dr Robert Woolley
Microscopy Applications Specialist
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Tim Watts
WPI Sales
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Julia King
National Sales Administration
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Andrew Masters
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