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March, 2013 

Mephisto Range of Single-Frequency Lasers Joins the Coherent Family

With Coherent's acquisition of Innolight, we are very pleased to bring the Mephisto laser product range to Australia and New Zealand, fully backed by Coherent Scientific's local support. Mephisto is based on Innolight's unique non-planar ring oscillator design and features:

  • Sub-kHz linewidths
  • 30GHz tuning range
  • Powers up to 55W
  • Wavelengths of 532nm, 1064nm and 1319nm

Direct applications include interferometry, quantum optics, atom cooling, gravimetry and more. Please contact Dale Otten, our advanced laser specialist, to discuss how Mephisto can be applied in your research.

Award Winning Imaging Spectrograph

Princeton Instruments' new Isoplane imaging spectrograph has won SPIE's Prism Award for Photonics Innovation in the category of Detectors, Sensing, Imaging and Cameras.

Isoplane is a next-generation imaging spectrograph which produces sharply focused images or spectra across the entire 27mm x 8mm focal plane. Isoplane improves on traditional Czerny-Turner spectrographs by eliminating astigmatism and greatly reducing coma. The result is sharper images and sharper spectral lines with constant width across the focal plane and improved signal to noise ratio.

Isoplane is ideal for microspectroscopy which involves the acquisition of both images and spectra, and multichannel spectroscopy where multiple spectra are recorded at different heights of the focal plane.

The results have to be seen to be appreciated so please visit Princeton Instruments to see sample images and videos illustrating the performance of this unique new instrument.

Verdi G Now Available up to 20W at 532nm

Coherent's Verdi G-Series now adds 20W 532nm CW power to the lineup with the release of the new Verdi G20. Based on Coherent's optically-pumped semiconductor laser (OPSL) technology, the entire G-series offers the traditional Verdi low-noise performance, simple 'knob and key' operation, and is now available at exceptional new prices for the entire 2-20W range. Power-invariant beam parameters and the inherent lack of 'green noise' makes the Verdi ideal for Ti:sapphire pumping and a wide range of additional applications.

Fianium Introduce World's Highest Power White Light Laser - Again!

Fianium's Whitelase SC450 series has until recently been the industry's most powerful commercially available supercontinuum laser, producing over 8W of total output power in a continuous spectrum from 450nm to over 2microns. Fianium have now broken their own record with the introduction of the SC480-10 which produces over 10W power from 480nm to 2 microns.

For users requiring shorter wavelengths Fianium offer the Whitelase SC390 laser with output extending below 390nm. And for those who do not need such high powers Fianium offers the compact and highly affordable Whitelase micro.

A variety of plug-and-play filtering devices is available for all Fianium lasers, allowing narrow wavelength regions to be selected from the supercontinuum. The lasers are ideal for applications requiring tunable visible light such as fluorescence imaging, spectroscopy and lifetime studies.

Ultrafast Fibre Lasers from Calmar

Coherent Scientific now offers the Calmar range of ultrafast fibre lasers, to complement our existing range of Ti:sapphire ultrafast oscillators and amplifiers.

Calmar fibre lasers generate clean optical pulses less than 100fs, with repetition rates from kHz to 640GHz, average power up to 10Watts, and single pulse energies up to 20┬ÁJ. Fibre lasers are available at several wavelengths from 532nm to 1600nm.

All Calmar products are exceptionally compact and easy to use, requiring no alignment or other maintenance. Applications include amplifier seeding, optical communications, non-linear optics, biomedicine and materials processing and more.

New Semrock Catalogue

Semrock has released their 2013 catalogue. New products include the improved ultra broadband MaxMirror (350-1100nm with >99% average reflectance) and ten new key laser wavelength EdgeBasic long pass-edge filters. 

The PulseLineTM product family is specifically designed for femtosecond pulsed laser applications and Semrock now offers a line of low-dispersion beamsplitters with four different splitting ratios for either s- or -polarised light. These beamsplitters, similar to the high reflectivity mirrors previously released, operate over the tuning range of a Ti:sapphire ultrafast laser (650 - 1100nm).

Semrock also offers a rapid custom sizing option on their standard product line optics.

The catalogue can be downloaded from our website or contact us for a paper copy.


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