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New and Improved Linear Stages

All of the Aerotech PRO series of stages have been redesigned and optimised for increased performance providing up to 98% improvement in positioning resolution and up to 46% improvement in positioning repeatability. Additionally, there are two new sizes in the PRO series - the PRO115LM and PRO190LM (click for datasheet).

Next Generation Tunable Laser

A radically new design built on Daylight Solution's proven QCL technology, the new Hedgehog is the industry's first compact, rapid scan CW-pulsed mid-IR laser. Hedgehog is a unique combination of small size, high-quality CW or pulsed output, high power and high tuning speed. Download the datasheet.

Multi-function QCL Controller

SideKickTM is Daylight Solutions' next generation quantum cascade laser (QCL) controller. It provides flexible, precise USB/Ethernet control of the laser including power, wavelength, temperature, scan speed and pulse parameters. Download the datasheet.

Narrow Linewidth Fibre Laser

PowerRock from NP Photonics is a new high power single-frquency fibre laser offering an output of 2W and above, with a narrow linewdith of <700kHz. PowerRock has ultra-low phase noise, and excellent frequency stability. Download the datasheet.

High-Speed Optical Wavelength Meter

The 828B Optical Wavelength Meter measures the absolute wavelength of WDM lasers to an accuracy of +/-1pm. It does this at a rate as high as 1kHz making it the fastest WDM measurement available, and provides for much more efficient wavelength testing of WDM components. Download the datasheet.

Ex-demo Benchtop SEM for Immediate Sale

The NeoScope benchtop SEM from Nikon/JEOL extends your vision by combining the familiarity of a digital camera with the high resolution and depth of field of a powerful SEM. Our ex-demonstration NeoScope is now available for immediate sale and delivery at a heavily reduced price. Download the brochure and contact Andrew Marshall for further information.


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