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May 2014

New Stereomicroscopes

Nikon are pleased to announce the latest enhancement of its stereomicroscope range with the addition of the new SMZ1270, SMZ1270i and SMZ800N microscopes. These new systems feature an expanded zoom ratio, enhanced ease of operation, and excellent optical performance.

Paired with newly developed WF objectives, these new models offer unparalled chromatic aberration correction for brighter, sharper images across a large field of view, and best-in-class zoom ratio ideal for use across a wide range of biological, medical and industrial applications. Click to read more on our website or download the datasheet.

3DHistech Award Winning Slide Scanning Solutions

3DHistech offer the most comprehensive slide scanning range on the market and were outright winners in 5 of 9 categories at the 2nd International Scanner Contest (Berlin). From the single slide capacity Pannoramic Desk to the high-throughput Pannoramic Flash II, 3DHistech systems take a no-compromise approach using the same high end optics and producing the same industry leading image quality across the entire range.

For unparalleled quality & robust slide scanning solutions read more on our website or contact us to arrange an on-site demonstration.

Scientific CMOS Optimised for Microscopy

Featuring faster frame rates and lower noise, the new optiMOS from QImaging was designed as the budget friendly alternative that avoids complex data management in the PC. Capable of streaming 100fps with a 45% larger FOV and <2e- of read noise, optiMOS delivers 10x the time resolution of CCD cameras without trading off on resolution or sensitivity. 

Offered as the affordable sCMOS solution, optiMOS brings the advantages of low noise and high speed imaging to a broader range of cell biology applications including spinning disc confocal, high speed multicolour fluorescence, FRAP and ion transport physiology. Read more on the website or contact us to arrange an on-site demonstration. 

New 2014 WPI Catalogue

The new 2014 Laboratory Equipment catalogue from WPI is now available. It is filled with all the latest products, including the new Biofluorometer for fluorescence spectroscopy and a complete line of Live Cell Imaging equipment, from heaters and humidity controllers to full microscope enclosures. There is also a new line of microfluidics equipment ideal for applications which mimic in-vivo physiological flow. Additionally, there is a new set of Isoflurane Gas Mask Kits. These facemasks are designed to tightly and flexibly fit on various size rodents. Contact Tim Watts for a hard copy or view online.


Ben Hibbs
Laser Microscopy - VIC
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Laser Microscopy - WA
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Andrew Marshall
Laser Microscopy - NT, SA, TAS
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Microscopy Applications Specialist
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