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December 2014

Nikon End of Year Sale Ends Friday !

The Nikon End of year sale is now on and ends this Friday 19 December! Large discounts are being offered on Nikon's most popular microscopes, including the new high performance SMZ25 (pictured below) and SMZ18 research stereomicroscopes and new Digital Sight CMOS cameras:

Eclipse Ni Advanced Upright Microscope
Eclipse Ci Routine Upright Microscope
E200 Laboratory Upright Microscope
E100 Educational Upright Microscope
SMZ25 NEW Advanced Motorised Stereomicroscope
SMZ18 NEW Advanced Stereomicrosope
SMZ745 Routine Stereomicroscope
Eclipse Ti Advanced Inverted Microscope
Eclipse TS100 Routine Inverted Microscope
DSQi2 NEW 16.25 megapixel, high definition monochrome camera
DSRi2 NEW 16.25 megapixel, high definition colour camera

Sale ends Friday 19 December 2014. Contact us for a quotation today.

TMC End of Year Ends Friday !

Sale pricing applies to a wide range of the most popular pneumatic and rigid vibration control products including:

Discounted prices will apply for purchase orders received at Coherent Scientific by Friday 19 December 2014. Contact us today.


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