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September, 2013

Bruker Appoints Coherent Scientific as
Exclusive Distributor for Australia and New Zealand

Fast Imaging, Fast Time to Data – Bruker FastScan Bio

Bruker Nanosurfaces has appointed Coherent Scientific as their exclusive distributor throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The Bruker Dimension FastScan Bio features unrivalled capability for high resolution imaging within the Life Sciences.

New Bruker scanner technology allows scan speeds 100x faster than regular AFM without compromising image resolution. The high speed AFM imaging capability of the Dimension FastScan Bio enables real time processes such as chemical induced structural changes to cells to be quantified in real time, or molecular dynamics of nanostructured proteins to be tracked with unrivalled clarity.

Image: Structural changes to E. Coli cell following CM15 injection. Fast scanning allows quantification of surface morphology, such as roughness, as a function of time.

With a focus on usability, the Dimension FastScan Bio incorporates key Bruker technology such as ScanAsyst automatic imaging optimisation, automatic laser alignment and sample engagement allowing all users, regardless of AFM experience, to quickly generate expert quality images - an ideal solution for use in core multi-user facilities.

The combination of fast scanning, simple automated operation and large area sample stage enables the Dimension FastScan Bio to be utilised for high content screening applications – never before possible with AFM.

Download the application note, watch the online videos or read more on our website.

Ex-demo Microscopes for Sale

We have two ex-demonstration microscopes available for sale for immediate delivery at a heavily reduced price. The research grade Nikon Eclipse Ni-U, pictured right, is equipped with 100W halogen lighting, a rotatable stage and ergonomic eyepiece tube suitable for camera integration. Both Nomarski DIC and epi-fluorescence attachments are included along with filter cubes for FITC and TRITC. To complete the system, you may choose from a wide range of new objectives, epi-fl light sources (Hg 2000hr or LED) and additional filter cubes.

The Nikon Eclipse Ci-E is a laboratory grade microscope equipped with LED lighting, ceramic surface stage and polarisation attachments. An ergonomic tube capable of camera integration is provided. The motorised nosepiece and condenser make this microscope ideal for use by RSI sufferers or those working with constant and numerous magnification change. The Ci-E also features Auto Light Intensity Reproduction where the user defined light intensity for each objective is automatically memorised and replicated when the objective is used again. Four High end Plan Fluor (Semi-Apochromat) objectives 4x/10x/40x/100x oil complete the set. Additional objectives may be added and Epi-fluorescence may be attached.

New Semrock 2013-14 Catalogue

Semrock has released the new 116-page 2013-14 Master Catalogue of optical filters and related products. This comprehensive catalogue contains the latest products introduced over the last six months including over 40 new or improved thin-film filters for fluorescence microscopy and measurements, and other laser analytical instrumentation applications. Among the standouts of this print edition is the expansion of the industry-leading high performance RazorEdge "E" grade ultra-steep long-pass edge filters, which are designed to provide deep blocking at the laser wavelength then quickly transition to high transmission.

Powerful White LED Illumination Source

The pE-100-WHT from CoolLED is a powerful white LED illumination source designed for transmitted light applications. The system uses a new LED technology which has a spectrum closely matched to that of a 100W halogen lamp, rending colours which are immediately familiar. Samples will appear identical under the pE-100-WHT but intensities can be up to five times greater. Also, the new pE-100-WHT provides colour balancing which remains constant across the full intensity range.
Image: Kidney with candida Infections. 40x OBJ


Ben Hibbs
Laser Microscopy - VIC
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Brad Hope
Laser Microscopy - WA
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Andrew Marshall
Laser Microscopy - NT, SA, TAS
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Andrew Masters
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Dr Robert Woolley
Microscopy Applications Specialist
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