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The Nikon Christmas Sale is now on* ! Discounted pricing
applies to all Nikon's popular microscopes, digital cameras
and accessories.

Read the full details here. Contact us for a quotation today


The TMC Christmas sale is now on* ! Reduced pricing is available on :

Save on overseas freight as well, with an option to consolidate your shipment.

Contact Christian Gow for a quotation today.

Bruker Dektak End of Year Promotion

Bruker's Dektak stylus profilers boasts 40 years of stylus profiling innovations. Measure surface roughness and coating/film thickness accurately and repeatedly, with unprecedented efficiency and ease.

Stylus surface profilers applications:

  • Microelectronics and semiconductor devices
  • Thin film coatings thickness
  • Decorative coatings thickness
  • Paint coatings, ink thickness and finishes

Contact us before Friday 18 December to enjoy your special promotion when you buy a Dektak XT or XTL stylus profiler this year !

Webinar : Setting Up and Using for PeakForce Quantitative
Nanoscale Mechanical Characterisation

Date: Thursday 19 November 2015
Time: 5pm AEDT


This webinar will share with you how PeakForce QNM make use of force curves generated by PeakForce Tapping to calculate these nanomechanical values. The webinar will also cover the calibration setup necessary to obtain accurate numbers, especially for the Modulus. In particular, both the absolute and relative calibrations will be presented, along with discussion on their advantages and limitations. The last area that the webinar hopes to address is to bring to the user's awareness common errors during calibration and measurements that result in inaccurate nanomechanical values being derived.

Webinar : Electrical Measurements for Materials
Research and Semiconductors

Date : Thursday 19 November, 2015
Time : 3am AEDT


In this joint webinar with PrimeNano Inc Bruker will introduce new nanoscale electrical measurements available exclusively on Bruker's Dimension Icon platform. Bruker's recent introduction of PeakForce Tapping based variants of electrical measurements has greatly expanded the utility of these techniques, enabling for example previously impossible conductivity measurements on fragile samples with PeakForce TUNA. Bruker will introduce the ScanWaveTM module with scanning Microwave Impedance Microscopy (sMIM) on Bruker's Dimension Icon.

Image: sMIM capacitive and conductive data demonstrating the dynamic range of the mode to image metals, doped regions and insulators in a single image

* Sales end Friday 18 December 2015


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