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June 2014

Gooch & Housego has appointed Coherent Scientific as its distributor for Australia and New Zealand.

G&H designs and manufactures a wide range of photonic components and assemblies based on acousto-optic, electro-optic and fibre-optic technologies. Their acousto-optic product range includes the following devices:


An AO modulator is a device that modulates and controls the intensity of an optical beam. For highest speeds the laser beam is focused to a narrow waist as it passes through the modulator, allowing switching speeds on the order of 10ns. AO modulators are available for wavelengths ranging from 244nm in the UV to 1600nm in the infrared. Read more.

Frequency Shifters

An AO frequency shifter is a device that modifies the frequency of the optical beam via its interaction with the travelling acoustic wave. The optical frequency of the beam may thus be increased or decreased by an amount equal to the RF carrier frequency which is typically of the order of tens or hundreds of MHz. Read more.

Tunable Filters

An AO tunable filter is an optical bandpass filter which exploits the acousto-optic interaction inside an anisotropic medium. The filter allows the user to select and transmit a single wavelength, or in some cases a selection of multiple discrete wavelengths from the incoming light. The centre of the pass-band may be selected simply by tuning the drive frequency. Devices are available from 351nm in the UV to 3000nm in the mid-IR. Read more.

These AO devices thus allow the user to perform a variety of useful functions in applications as diverse as microscopy, hyperspectral imaging, interferometry and atom cooling.

Related products include RF drivers, Q-switches and Pockels cells.

For more information please visit the Gooch & Housego website or contact Dr Paul Wardill.


Dr Paul Wardill
(08) 8150 5279 (0419) 810 220 Email
Jeshua Graham
(08) 8150 5254 (0488) 177 540 Email
Andrew Masters
(0439) 819 095 Email

Coherent Scientific Pty. Ltd., Inc. in South Australia, Established in 1989, ABN 20 008 265 969

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