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Product Demonstration - Benchtop SEM

The NeoScope benchtop scanning electron microscope from Nikon/JEOL is a powerful SEM with magnification up to 60,000x and is as simple to operate as a digital camera. Whether used by trained electron microscopists as a simple screening instrument, or by lab technicians as a higher resolution alternative to the light microscope, the compact NeoScope accelerates the pace of research in materials science and nanotechnology fields.

We currently have a demonstration system available to try in your laboratory. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange to try the system. Download the brochure.

NEWS FLASH - This unit will be available for sale at a reduced price for delivery in December 2015. Contact your local salesperson for more information.

EDAX Octane Plus SDD - Superior Technology for EDS Applications

EDAX recently introduced the new Octane Silicon Drift Detectors for their TEAM EDS analysis systems to be coupled with electron microscopes. The Octane SDD technology delivers high quality EDS data at high speeds without count losses that are common with other systems on the market.

The Octane Plus provides the best offering in the Octane range, with the perfect balance of superior quality and economic value. It allows a wide range of applications to be performed, such as materials science, metal and polymer analysis, simultaneous EDS and EBSD configurations and 3-dimensional EDS. In addition to superior hardware, EDAX also provide TEAM EDS Software Suite, which allows for optimal analysis of samples in a time sensitive manner with Smart Diagnostics and Smart Acquisition.

End users are no longer forced to choose between fast data and quality data; you can have both with the EDAX Octane series. Download the brochure.

Join the Webinar to learn more about these new detectors, Friday 21 August, 1am AEST presented by Tara Nylese, Global Applications Manager, EDAX.

New Generation Innova IRIS TERS Systems

The new generation Innova IRIS TERS system is the first guaranteed Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (TERS) system that combines Bruker-exclusive, high-contrast tuning-fork-based TERS probes with high-performance AFM and nano-Raman spectroscopy capabilities.

This new system provides consistently high TERS signal enhancement and the highest spectral sensitivity for interrogating the most challenging samples. With Innova IRIS, non-destructive, label-free chemical detection at the nanoscale is now finally a reality for a wide range of research. Download the brochure.

Image right: Optimised TERS configuration on Innova IRIS

Latest Developments in 3D Optical Microscope Technology

When : Thursday 20 August 2015, 1pm, AEST


Accurate measurement of surface qualities enables scientists and engineers to develop engineered surfaces and ensure product quality in production. The white light interferometry used in 3D optical microscopes has long served as the gold standard for many surface characterisation applications due to its highly accurate and consistent metrology performance.

Bruker now adds superior colour imaging and display capabilities to the 3D optical microscopy technology. These new functions give users the ability to easily and quickly obtain both high-resolution, repeatable surface topography measurements; as well as high-fidelity and 3D visualisation of sample surfaces.


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