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June 2014

WPI Sale -15% Discount On All Products !

The WPI End of Financial Year Sale is now on ! 15% discount is available on all products until 30 June 2014. This includes all products recently released in their 2014 Catalogue, including the new Biofluorometer for fluorescence spectroscopy and a complete line of Live Cell Imaging equipment, from heaters and humidity controllers to full microscope enclosures. Other new products include a Biaxial test system for biomaterials, digital stereotaxic instruments, programmable high precision motorised micromanipulator and Swiss made forceps and tweezers. Contact Tim Watts for further information or click to view their Laboratory Equipment and Surgical Instruments catalogues online.

New SMZ1270 Stereomicroscope - Wide Magnification Range

The SMZ1270 stereomicroscope from Nikon provides expanded zoom ratio, excellent optical performance and ease of use. This new stereomicroscope allows observation of minute structures whilst also covering a wide field of view, for applications where biological body screening, injection and observation are conducted every day. The SMZ1270 offers the highest-in-class zoom ratio of 12.7x (0.63x – 8x). The low-magnification capability enables observation of a 35mm petri dish allowing observation of whole specimens down to cell structure (with 0.63x zoom magnification, 1x objective and 10x eyepiece, without coaxial episcopic illuminators). Read more or download the brochure.

In-focus 3D Microscope Imaging Suite

Syncroscopy introduces an in-focus 3D microscope imaging suite consisting of the new Scopepad 500, a touch screen microscope tablet with integrated camera and the new Montage Pad App for 3D image reconstruction. This suite will provide an inexpensive, yet rapid method of generating perfectly in-focus images of 3D samples.

For microscopists working with 3D samples, that need perfectly focused images of their samples, a new Montage Pad App (an App version of AutoMontage, Syncroscopy's widely acclaimed 3D image reconstruction software) is available for use exclusively with the Scopepad 500. Read more or download the datasheet.

Webinar - Molecular and Cellular Dynamics Studied by High Speed AFM

Date: Thursday 12 June 2014
Time: 5pm - 6pm AEST

AFM has been a powerful tool in studying the structural properties and dynamic changes of a wide range of biomolecules and cells at near-physiological conditions. Conventional AFM can achieve sub- nm spatial resolution and provide quantitative measurement of diverse molecular and cellular processes but suffers from relatively low scan speed compared to optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy.

Recent revolutionary developments in high speed AFM technology have enabled direct observation and measurement of conformational changes of biomolecules and cell dynamics under different conditions at sub-second timescale.

In this webinar, Bruker will review the recent technical developments of the fast speed AFM and how its unique capabilities to study molecular and cellular dynamics will enhance our understanding of important biological processes.

Webinar : High-resolution Imaging of Chemical and Biological Sites Using PeakForce QNM Atomic Force Microscopy

Date: Friday 13 June 2014
Time: 1am - 2am AEST

With increasingly rapid advancements in bioresearch, there is a growing need for methods that can accurately quantify and map the molecular interactions of biological samples, both with high-force sensitivity and high spatial resolution. Force-distance (FD) curve-based atomic force microscope is a valuable tool to simultanesouly contour the surface and map the biophysical properties of biological samples at the nanoscale.

In this webinar Bruker will discuss the use of their advanced FD-based technology, PeakForce QNM, combined with chemically functionalised tips to probe the localisation and interactions of chemical and biological sites on single native proteins and on living cells at high-resolution.


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