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Webinar : Quantum Mechanics as Viewed with a Camera

Andor Technology will host a webinar presented by:

Professor Miles Padgett
Kelvin Chair of Natural Philosophy
University of Glasgow

Date: Monday 21 November 2016

Parametric Down-Conversion is central to most experiments in quantum optics. In essence, photons from an incident pump beam are absorbed by a non-linear crystal and two new photons are created. These new photons are created in exactly the same position and with exactly opposite transverse momentum.
Furthermore, if one of the photons has a slightly higher frequency, the other has a slightly lower one. These position, momentum and wavelength correlations lie at the heart of many proofs and investigations into quantum mechanics but also create new opportunities for better-than-classical sensing in the forms of both spectroscopy and imaging.
Early investigations required specialist detectors that had to be scanned over the beam, but now things are changing. Modern camera technology, both EMCCD and ICCD, can match the performance of these single element detectors, opening new windows into the quantum world and its applications.
This talk will cover some of these applications and ask how things might be even better in the future.

To register please visit the Andor website.

See us at the AIP Congress

The 22nd Australian Institute of Physics Congress will be held in conjunction with the 13th Asia-Pacific Physics Congress, in Brisbane 4-8 December.
Coherent Scientific will participate in the conference exhibit, where we will be demonstrating spectroscopy equipment from Andor.
For more information please visit the conference website.
We look forward to seeing you in Brisbane !

Vibration Isolation Systems

The TMC End of year Sale is now on and ends soon* with reduced pricing available on optical tables, breadboards and active vibration isolation products. Save on overseas freight as well, with an option to consolidate your shipment.

Contact Jeshua for a quotation today.

Nikon End of Year Sale

Its on again* ! Special pricing is being offered on all of Nikon's popular microscopes and digital cameras. Whether you need a complete new system - upright, stereo or inverted - or just some additional components to upgrade your existing system, contact us for a quotation today. Read the full announcement on our website.

New VSM - Advanced Measurement Performance

The new 8600 Series VSM from LakeShore raises the bar for magnetometer performance and convenience. These VSM's combine high sensitivity (33nemu), rapid measurement speed (10ms/pt), and simple operation for more accurate measurements. The entire 8600 Series system has been redesigned with a focus on clean, ergonomic design to simplify your interaction with the system. Download the brochure or watch the video online to learn more.

Second Hand Nd:YAG Laser for Sale

Southern Cross University are looking to sell a near-new Quantel Brilliant EaZy compact Nd:YAG. The system provides 330mJ at 1064nm, and includes second and third harmonic generation modules. The system is approx 3 years old and has never been used. For further information please contact Jeshua (08) 8150 5254.

* Sales end Friday 16 December 2016


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