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October, 2012

New Perfect Focus System from Nikon

The New Perfect Focus System (PFS) from Nikon was released at Neuroscience 2012 in New Orleans last week. The award winning, patented PFS is essential for the challenges of live-cell imaging by eliminating focus-drift, which reduces the reliability of acquired data. Features of the new PFS include wider usable excitation wavelength range, maintain focus at deeper depths and it is compatible with plastic dishes and well plates.

WPI for Microinjection

WPI offers a variety of pumps along with special syringes, stereotaxic frames, glass capillaries and needles. The Popular nanoFil system can be operated by hand, or with a pumping system, and provides the world's smallest dead volume. The PV820 and PV830 pneumatic picopumps were designed to simplify intracellular injection, you get repeatable microinjection in volumes ranging from picolitres to nanolitres. Read more for a complete overview.

New 2012-13 Catalogue from Semrock

Semrock, Inc. has released its new 112-page, full-colour, 2012-13 Master Catalogue of optical filters and related products. This comprehensive catalogue contains several new Technical and Product Notes along with a larger than usual selection of new products introduced in the past six months. Over 35 new thin-film filters for fluorescence microscopy and measurements, as well as many improved versions of existing optical filters and sets are available. Semrock's exceptional service is highlighted by all standard filters being despatched (from Semrock) same day and filters are covered by a 5-year warranty. Download the new catalogue from any of the Semrock product pages on our website.

New Flat Top Stage from Prior

Prior have announced the release of the latest addition to the H101 family of flat top stages for upright microscopes. This ultra flat stage situates the sample at the highest point of the stage surface giving the maximum objective clearance possible. Driven by the ProScanTM controller and featuring, as standard, Prior Scientifics patented Intelligent Scanning Technology (IST) ensuring that the stage performs to the highest precision and accuracy at all times.

New Light Sources from CoolLED

Launched also at Neuroscience in the US last week are two new LED light sources from CoolLED. The pE-200 and pE-300 offer configurations suitable for clinical screening, tissue culture and general fluorescence applications.The units are directly attached to the microscope and have a simple-to-use control pod that provides instant on/off switching and intensity increase/decrease. All the usual benefits of LED's apply. The pE-200, a two wavelegth unit, will be available in three different configurations so that the user can select their two desired LED wavelengths. The pE-300 is a three wavelength unit.


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