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May, 2012

Introducing the New NeoScope II, 60,000x with EDS Option

The best imaging quality benchtop SEM has just got better. The all new Nikon/JEOL JCM-6000 NeoScope II expands on the already class-leading imaging capability and ease-of-use of the original model and improves performance in key areas such as higher magnifications to 60,000x and the ability to start in low-vacuum mode, and more. The new NeoScope II can meet the needs of most low to medium magnification SEM requirements and with its compact foot print and budget conscious price point, implementing SEM capability has never been easier.

New 2012 WPI Catalogue and Sale

The new 2012 catalogue from WPI is now available. It can be either downloaded from any of the WPI product pages on our website, or you can request a hard copy from Tim Watts. The new catalogue features the complete line of muscle physiology equipment, the EVOM2 for TEER measurement, MicroFil, NanoFil, surgical instruments (forceps, scissors, tweezers...), Fluorodishes, micromanipulators, UMP3 syringe pump for a stereotaxic frame, adjustable pipetters and binocular microscopes.

The end of financial year sale starts 1 June 2012 and ends 30 June 2012. 15% off everything in the catalogue!

Super Resolution Microscopy Systems now on Demonstration in Melbourne

Nikon offer two systems for Super Resolution Imaging. Both systems will be on demonstration in Melbourne during May and June. The N-SIM system provides twice the resolution of conventional optical microscopes and is optimised for speed. Whilst the N-STORM system provides dramatically enhanced resolution that is 10 times or better than that of conventional optical microscopes extending the role of the optical microscope to near molecular level resolution. Contact John to arrange to view the system and try your samples.

New Bold Line Range of Incubators from Okolab

The new Bold Line range from Okolab is an integrated system of modular controllers, which communicate with each other through a quick connector and is operated via touch screen or remotely via web application. The main improvements to the temperature Bold Line controllers are ease of use, thanks to the touch screen, and better accuracy. For the CO2 and O2 Bold Line controllers the improvements include digital control of air flow rate and reduced gas consumption.

International Academy of Pathology

The 37th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australasian Division of the International Academy of Pathology Limited (IAP) is being held June 1-3, 2012 at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour.

Coherent Scientific will have a booth in the associated trade display. Please visit our booth to try the Aperio ScanSope and see the future of digital pathology. Also on display will be Nikon's all-new Eclipse Ni upright advanced microscope system with superior optical performance and advanced imaging capabilites.

CoolLED Excitation Sources

CoolLED solutions are designed to make excitation simple and easy. LED's offer many benefits to the life scientist, from instant on/off to long lifetime, stability and precise control. CoolLED offers you the widest choice with 18 different LED wavelength options matched to common fluorophores. No more mercury disposal issues. Single and multiple wavelength systems are available. CoolLED's expertise in LED assembly and the use of active-cooling means that it can offer intensities up to 5x greater than other LED excitation products.

Convenient, Compact and Cost Effective - TMC tabletop Platforms

Benchtop vibration isolation platforms are a convenient method of achieving vibration free high resolution optical imaging. Unlike low cost, elastomer or spring isolation platforms, TMC 66-CSP and 64-series platforms offer the true sensitivity, low resonant frequency response of an air damped system with performance approaching that of a dedicated isolated laboratory table.

The fixed size of the 66-CSP is compact and compatible with most standard optical microscopes, while the 64-series provides the flexibility to choose your work surface size as well as the most suitable top platform (stainless-steel, granite or optical breadboard available).

Nanomechanical Testing in the Biological Sciences

Biological materials range from soft and highly compliant nature of cells and gels to hard interface coatings on stents and implants. The wide range of hardness and sample environments present a challenge for mechanical testing.

Hysitron is the world leader in highly sensitive nanomechanical test instruments, and the patented electrostatic force, capacitive displacement transducer is the key to successful testing of such materials. The new TI-750D Ubi platform is a dedicated nanomechanical platform for biological investigations and includes:

  • Low force transducers - standard
  • Insitu SPM imaging and wear testing - standard
  • New NanoDMAIII with CMX - standard
  • Operation in liquid environments - standard

With extensive options such as Modulus Mapping, 500┬Ám Z stage and sample heating the TI-750D can meet the challenges of modern research.


Ben Hibbs
Laser Microscopy - VIC
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Laser Microscopy - WA
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Laser Microscopy - NT, SA, TAS
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Microscopy Applications Specialist
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