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October, 2013

Christian Gow
(0408) 617 243

Fast, Flexible, Quantitative AFM - MultiMode8

The most trusted high resolution AFM on the market is now easier to use. New NanoScope9 workflow optimised GUI and ScanAsyst auto optimisation gives expert results quickly, while retaining advanced control for AFM experts. Bruker’s Peak Force Tapping with ScanAsyst provides the precise, direct tip-to-sample force control required for routine imaging on the most challenging samples. With ScanAsyst-HR high speed imaging, and PeakForce Tapping correlated nanomechanical and nanoelectrical modes, the MultiMode8 AFM provides real world data at the highest resolution.

Reduced Prices on Lake Shore Cryogenic Probe Stations

Lake Shore’s premier range of cryogenic probe stations is now more affordable. With electrical characterisation of samples under varying temperature and magnetic field conditions, and configured with up to six probing arms including patented Continuous Variable Temperature probes, fibre coupled optical probes or microwave probes, the Lake Shore probe stations are an ideal solution for the research laboratory and fabrication facility alike.

New reduced pricing on the TTPX bench top probe station and CRX cryogen free models is available now. Down load the new Probe Station Catalogue or contact us for more information.

NEW! Tabletop Cryogenic Probe Station

The new PS-100 from Lake Shore offers versatile cryogenic testing in a standard, fully specified system, making the probe station ideal for labs with limited funding or who are just starting out with materials testing. Preconfigured and ready to ship, with a low entry cost, the new Lake Shore PS-100 enables sensitive high impedance DC measurement in a 4 arm, triaxial configuration.

With the temperature range and measurement capabilities of the configurable TTPX you are ensured high quality measurement and performance. Preconfigured for high impedance measurements ensures maximum capability, with low cost and fast delivery times.

Nanoscale IR Imaging with Applications in Graphene

Bruker Nano recently hosted a webinar on nanoscale IR imaging of materials using a technique called scattering Scanning Nearfield Optical Microscopy (sSNOM). The XY resolution of sSNOM IR images surpasses 10nm beating the diffraction limit of conventional IR microscopes by as much as 1000X. The technique can be used in much the same way as conventional IR microscopy to identify materials by their molecular resonances, but now at the nanoscale.

The technique combines Bruker’s atomic force microscopes with quantum cascade lasers from Daylight Solutions. These lasers provide a compact and reliable source of tunable infrared radiation that is conveniently coupled to the AFM and ideally suited to this technique. As Australian distributor for both Bruker Nano and for Daylight Solutions, Coherent Scientific is uniquely positioned to supply and support both the AFM and the laser used in this technique. Please contact us for more information.

Image left: Nanoscale IR image of Graphene
on SiO2 substrate at 1730cm-1

Say no more, contact us for a quotation today !

BioAFM - On Sale and For Immediate Delivery !

The Ntegra LIFE is a scanning probe microscope dedicated to imaging in the life sciences. Designed for use on an inverted optical microscope the Ntegra LIFE allows correlation of optical imaging techniques such as brightfield, phase or fluorescence information, with the samples topographical and structural nature by combining the power of the optical microscope with the high resolution imaging and force sensing capability of the AFM. We have a second hand system available for immediate delivery at the heavily reduced price of AUD90,000. Get setup and running before Christmas! Contact us today.

Image Left: E. coli fluorescence overlaid with AFM topography


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