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APRIL 2014

New - IsoPlane 160 - Spectroscopy Redefined

IsoPlane 160 - Compact Imaging Spectrograph Outperforms All Others in its Class !

The IsoPlane 160 brings Princeton Instruments' award-winning IsoPlane SCT-320 to a new, smaller platform.

The IsoPlane 160 is the first compact spectrometer that provides outstanding imaging, high spectral resolution and excellent light-gathering power from the vacuum UV to the mid-IR without compromises.

Visit the IsoPlane webpage.

Download the IsoPlane-160 datasheet.

High resolution across the entire focal plane

Multiple channels clearly resolved with no crosstalk

More features and benefits of the IsoPlane 160

  • High spectral and spatial resolution across the entire focal plane
  • Triple grating turret provides complete flexibility in spectral coverage, resolution and wavelength range
  • Outstanding light gathering power with f/3.5 aperture
  • Fine adjustment ensures perfect camera focus
  • Resolves dozens of separate spectral channels for multi-fibre spectroscopy
  • Outstanding imaging at zero order for microscopy - no need for a witness camera !

Download the new flyer to learn how the IsoPlane 160 compares to conventional 160nm spectrographs.

Right - IsoPlane 160 output - 546nm line with 1200gr/mm grating, 10┬Ám slit

IsoPlane Applications and Technical Notes

Applications for the IsoPlane 160 include:

  • Biomedical imaging
  • Raman scatering
  • Fourier-domain spectroscopy
  • Fluorescence and photoluminescence
  • LIBS
  • Multi-channel spectroscopy
  • Microspectroscopy

Download application and technical notes from the Isoplane webpage.

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