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March, 2012

Fully Automated, Ultrashort Pulse Ti:Sapphire Laser

Coherent’s Vitara is the first widely tunable, ultrafast laser to deliver pulsewidth shorter than 12fs, while also offering true hands-free and fully automated operation. This includes automated wavelength tuning from 755nm to 860nm and push-button bandwidth adjustment from 30nm to 125nm.

The Vitara family has recently been expanded with the addition of Vitara-S, a cost-effective model designed specifically for seeding Coherent’s range of Legend Elite ultrafast amplifiers. Vitara-S delivers bandwidth of over 70nm at a fixed wavelength of 800nm.

The Vitara-T and Vitara-T-HP are available for applications requiring higher power.

Verdi G Series Lasers Now Available with 18W Output

Coherent’s Verdi G series is a family of optically pumped semiconductor lasers, where the traditional rod-based gain material is replaced with a semiconductor chip. The result is a compact, robust and economical product with noise specifications identical to the original Verdi V. The Verdi G series is ideal for Ti:Sapphire pumping and other applications that do not require single longitudinal mode output.

Verdi G series is now available with new high-power options of 12W, 15W and 18W. All Verdi G lasers come with a 2 year comprehensive warranty and trade-ins are available for existing solidstate lasers or ion lasers (dead or alive!).

High Performance Camera for Near-Infrared Imaging

Princeton Instruments has released PIoNIR, a deep-cooled, scientific-grade InGaAs camera. The camera is specifically designed to give the highest sensitivity for low light, near infrared (NIR) imaging and spectroscopy applications in the range 900nm -1700nm.

PIoNIR uses the latest generation InGaAs sensor with 640 x 512 resolution. Peak quantum efficiency of 80% provides exceptional sensitivity in the NIR range where standard Silicon CCD and CMOS detectors have low or no sensitivity. The camera is thermoelectrically cooled to -90°C to provide low dark charge without the inconvenience of liquid nitrogen. The Gigabit Ethernet interface allows remote operation and the camera is fully supported by Princeton’s new LightField data acquisition software.

Fluorescence Lifetime

Edinburgh Photonics has appointed Coherent Scientific as its distributor for Australia and New Zealand.

Edinburgh designs and manufactures steady state fluorescence spectrometers, dedicated fluorescence lifetime spectrometers and laser flash photolysis spectrometers covering the vacuum UV to the near infrared with outstanding sensitivity. They have pioneered the technique of Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC), permitting lifetime measurements down to 5ps to be made quickly and easily. Edinburgh's spectrometers are highly modular, allowing systems to be configured for a wide variety of applications or to be upgraded as research priorities change.

Edinburgh's products are used across a wide range of applications including photophysics, photochemistry, semiconductor physics and biophysics.

Fianium Introduce Compact, Low-cost Supercontinuum Laser

Fianium has released its newly designed, WhiteLase micro™ supercontinuum source at the recent Photonics West exhibit. WhiteLase micro is a quasi-CW laser producing total power of more than 200mW over the wavelength range 450nm to 2000nm. The beam may be easily collimated and focused to a diffraction-limited spot for use in a variety of applications. The unit is simple to operate and may be used with Fianium’s SuperChrome and AOTF filters for programmable wavelength selection.

For applications requiring higher power Fianium’s existing range of supercontinuum lasers produces total power up to 8W and visible power greater than 1200mW.

Cold Without the Cryogen: Two New CCR Probe Stations from Lake Shore

Lake Shore expand their popular cryogenic probe station line-up with the addition of two new magnet platforms cooled with closed-cycle Helium refrigeration for cryogen-free operation.

A new vertical field superconducting magnet system allows for varying sample stage temperatures from <10K-400K with SC fields to 2.25T and up to six probe arms. A new horizontal field electromagnet system allows up to 0.6T fields with full 360° sample stage rotation.

Take advantage of the stable measurement environment with the vibration specification <1µm, verified by laser interferometry, allowing for the lowest possible probe-sample contact noise. Fully integrated with Lake Shore  magnet power supplies, temperature controllers and Gaussmeters, DC to 67GHz cryogenic probing has never been simpler or more reliable with 3 year warranty term as standard.

Fibre Laser for Atom Cooling

Quantel has released the EYLSA 780 fibre laser designed specifically for rubidium atom cooling.

EYLSA is a single-frequency laser delivering 1W at 780nm with linewidth less than 2.5MHz (200kHz option is also available). The wavelength is tunable over a 100GHz range covering both the Rb85 and Rb87 D2 lines. A wavelength locking control loop is included and may be connected to a commercially available PID device.

The EYLSA laser comes in a compact package with 19” rackmount and touchscreen control.

Laser Safety Glasses - New EXCITE Model

Laservision has introduced the EXCITE frame which is available with 4 different filter types. Filters are available for UV lasers, 808nm diodes, Nd:YAG (1064nm only), Er:YAG and CO2 lasers. The EXCITE frame has adjustable temple positions (left image) or can be worn with an optional headstrap (right image). These comfortable frames are lightweight and offer a wide field of view which ensures the user's comfort when worn for extended periods of time.


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