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September 2014

NEW - Resistance Bridge/Temperature Controller

The Model 372 AC resistance bridge and temperature controller builds on the solid foundation provided by the original Lake Shore AC resistance bridge. The Model 372 provides the best possible temperature measurement and control capabilities for dilution refrigerators (DRs) that are intended to be operated below 100 mK. The Model 372 makes it easy to perform multiple tasks that were once very difficult to perform reliably at ultra-low temperatures including temperature measurement, automatic or manual temperature control and device or sample impedance measurements. Read more online or download the brochure.

Piezoelectric Nanopositioning Stages

Aerotech’s QNP-series of piezo nanopositioning stages offer sub-nanometre performance in a compact, high-stiffness package. A variety of travel (100µm to 600µm) and feedback options make this the ideal solution for applications ranging from microscopy to optics alignment.

The QNP stages employ closed-loop feedback using a unique capacitive sensor design that allows for sub-nanometer resolution and outstanding accuracy and repeatability.

Multiple stages may be controlled via Aeotech’s Q-series controllers. Software options such as Aerotech’s Dynamic Controls Toolbox and Motion Designer packages provide a host of advanced yet easy-to-use tools such as Learning Control, Harmonic Cancellation and Command Shaping, providing improved tracking errors and faster step-and-settle times. Read more online or download the brochure.

Tabletop Cryogenic Probe Station

The Model PS-100 probe station from Lake Shore offers versatile cryogenic testing in a standard, fully specified system, making the probe station ideal for laboratories with limited funding or who are just starting out with materials testing. Preconfigured and ready to ship, with a low entry cost, the PS-100 enables sensitive high impedance DC measurement in a 4 arm, triaxial configuration.

With the temperature range and measurement capabilities of the configurable TTPX you are ensured high quality measurement and performance. Read more online or download the brochure.

Opotek Receives Award

Opotek has been awarded the 2014 Best of Carlsbad Award in the Optical Instrument and Lenses category. This Award Program identifies companies that enhance the positive image of small businesses through service to their customers and the community. Founded in 1993 Opotek specialises in compact tunable OPO laser products that range from stand alone OPO modules to complete scientific instruments. These innovative products provide flexibility, performance and simplicity for spectroscopic and photo-acoustic applications from UV through IR wavelengths.

New Micro-Manager Driver Module for OBIS Lasers

Micro-Manager is open source microscopy software for the control of automated microscopes and accessories. It works with microscopes from major manufacturers, most scientific-grade cameras and many peripherals (stages, filter wheels, shutters etc). The most recent version contains a driver module for Coherent OBIS lasers. OBIS is a compact, smart laser offering plug-and-play simplicity available with a range of output wavelengths and powers – more than 30 in the region 355nm to 785nm. Read more online or download the latest version.


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