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August, 2013

New Nikon Laser Microscopy Specialist

We are pleased to welcome Dr Betty Kouskousis to Coherent Scientific. Betty received her BSc from Victoria University of Technology with majors in physics and went on to receive First Class Honours and her PhD degree. Most recently, Betty held a postdoctoral research fellow position within both the ARC Laureate Fellowship award and the Human Frontiers research program, Centre of Micro-Photonics, Swinburne University of Technology, where she developed a super resolution microscope based on the principles of photo-activated light microscopy and applied the design to develop imaging techniques for the characterisation of both biological and photonic media.

Betty is directly responsible for Confocal and Super Resolution Systems in Victoria, and for assisting with support of these systems throughout Australia and New Zealand.

New Portable Digital Microscope

Nikon has introduced a new version of their successful ShuttlePix Digital Microscope. The Shuttlepix P-400Rv is a portable digital microscope able to image any size of specimen or also able to be docked with a number of stands for higher magnification. Various measurement and analysis functions can be performed including Extended Depth of Focus (EDF) and All-in-Focus images.

The new ShuttlePix P-400Rv now offers a number of new innovations including a Remote Controller option which makes it possible to capture images, zoom in or out, control light intensity and change illumination angles. There is also a function to record audio files as additional information to a still image.

Software updates include EDF Quickview which enables immediate transmission of image data including 3D and height data via Image Editor. Exposure times have been corrected to allow for highly reflective images and there is a new focus assist capture function.

Nikon’s Digital Sight Colour Touch Screen – Now with Free iPad Access!

The Nikon DS-L3 is a power house, stand-alone camera controller. A real alternative to PC based camera solutions, the DS-L3 connects directly to any camera from the Nikon Digital Sight range allowing the flexibility to perform routine capture, measurement and image sharing in a compact and easy to use format. With the launch of Nikon’s FREE DS-L3 viewer (iTunes) users can connect wirelessly and stream LIVE images; intuitive in-app capture & share options are included making the DS-L3 Viewer a must have for multi user and classroom environments.

Nikon's free DS-L3 Viewer is available from the app store now. For more information on the amazing Nikon DS-L3 touch screen controller please contact us.

New Adjustable Clamp for 2010 Geno/Grinder

The 2010 Geno/Grinder from Spex SamplePrep is a high-throughput plant & tissue homogeniser specifically designed for rapid cell disruption, lysis and tissue homogenisation while preserving temperature sensitive samples.

New accessories available for the Geno/Grinder is the 2189 Adjustable Clamp which fits all sample vials and titer plate formats. It can fit up to 4 deep-well titer platest by stacking 2 in the front and 2 in the back. The clamp also holds up to sixteen 50ml tubes and up to 96 x 5ml tubes.

Also available are the 2189T Nesting Trays, which are available for stacking titer plates.

WPI Biofluorometer - Reliable, Simplified, Affordable

The new SI-BF100 is an LED-based fluorometer for life science applications. It is ideally suited for ratiometric calcium detection (FURA-2) and ATPase detection (via NADH fluorescence). With up to seven LED modules (wavelengths), the SI-BF100 covers many fluorometric applications in neuroscience and cell biology.

Recent advances in optics and LED technology simplify ratiometric calcium imaging, making this equipment more affordable. A breakthrough in WPI patented technology allows the SI-BF100 to use wavelengths below 380nm and produce more light in those spectra.

To register your interest in trialling the biofluorometer in your laboratory, please contact Tim Watts.


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Microscopy - ACT/NSW, NZ
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