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Takanome is the Japanese metaphor for a hawk locking on to its target. This aptly describes the new micro-manipulation system from Narishige that allows users to lock manipulators into position and easily adjust the approach angle while always keeping the pipette tip in view.

The Takanome manipulators move along a fixed optical axis from 15° to 40° giving users ultimate control over approach angle and the flexibility to work with multiple sample dish types.

The innovative retract/return mechanical movement allows users to retract the pipette by 50mm for easy exchange of sample or needle; when ready, users can push the "working position" tab and the Takanome manipulator will return to the active working position, greatly reducing alignment time and speeding up routine workflow.

The Narishige Takanome system is available now, please contact your local representative for more information.

NEW Pannoramic Flash III Slide Scanner
2x Faster Bright Field Scanning

3DHistech have just announced the launch of their latest generation, high-throughput slide scanner the Pannoramic Flash III. The Flash III sees a huge advance in high-throughput scanning with bright field operation now 2x faster than the previous Flash II, already the fastest slide scanning system on the market. The 250 slide capacity Flash III uses separate 20x and 40x Apochromatic lenses, an intelligent automatic tissue finding algorithm and intuitive user interface to provide ultra-high quality images in record time.

The Flash III can be configured for 9 channel fluorescence scanning using a research grade solid state light source and high end sCMOS camera; by default the fluorescence scanning systems also use a clever darkfield preview image for easy identification of transparent samples.

The Pannoramic Flash III from 3DHistech is now available, please contact your local representative for more information. Read more.

Next-Generation Super-Resolution Localisation Microscopy: Nikon N-STORM 4.0

Localisation microscopy provides unparalleled imaging of the nano-structure of cells. Yet, a typical image can take many minutes to acquire, far too long for imaging of live samples at a resolution of 20nm. Coherent Scientific are pleased to announce the availability of Nikon's next-generation STORM platform, N-STORM 4.0, which is capable of acquiring super-resolution images approximately 10 times faster than before.

Image : Tubulin of BSC-1 cell labelled with Alexa Fluor 647*
Image right : Fluorescence observation by conventional N-STORM
Image left : Fluorescence observation by N-STORM 4.0, acquisition time : 20 seconds
* Alexa Fluor is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc

The N-STORM 4.0 system utilises a high-speed sCMOS camera and high-power lasers to drive acquistion rates up to a rate of 500Hz. This allows 3D super-resolution images to be acquired with a resolution of 20nm in X/Y and 50nm in X in as little as 20 seconds. Thanks to this improvement in acquisition speed, dynamic events inside living cells can be observed at the molecular level. Read more on Nikon's website.

Please contact Ben Hibbs to discuss how the N-STORM 4.0 system may benefit your research.

Second Hand Confocal System for Sale

We have a customer in Sydney wishing to sell their Nikon C1 Confocal Microscope.

Although the system is 10 years old and one of the original Nikon Confocal Microscopes, it has been well maintained throughout its life and is still fully operational. The system would be well suited to a student laboratory/learning environment.

If you are interested in purchasing this sytem please contact us.


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