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October, 2011

Fully Automated, Ultrashort Pulse Ti:Sapphire Oscillator

Coherent's new Vitara is the first widely tunable, ultrafast laser to deliver pulsewidth shorter than 12fs, while also offering true hands-free and fully automated operation. This includes automated wavelength tuning from 755nm to 860nm and push-button bandwidth adjustment from 30nm to 125nm.

Vitara's 125nm maximum bandwidth delivers a specified pulsewdith of <20fs directly from the laser output. In addition, the optional compact compressor enables the Vitara pulsewidth to be further compressed to 12fs or less. Other options for Vitara include a next generation CEP stabilisation module that delivers the industry's highest phase stabilisation specification, and a Synchrolock module for external pulse timing stabilisation.

Applications for Vitara include seeding short-pulse amplifiers and CEP-stabilised amplifiers, which benefit from Vitara's stability and bandwidth, as well as pump-probe spectroscopy where the short pulsewidth is an important advantage.

Programmable Filter for SuperContinuum Lasers

Fianium has released SuperChromeTM; a high-power, programmable filter for use with their range of supercontinuum laser sources. SuperChrome is a single channel tranmission filter which allows the user to select both centre wavelength and bandwidth with a switching time of less than a second. The filter operates over the entire visible spectrum from below 400nm to greater than 750nm, covering the blue-enhanced region available from Fianium's SC400 supercontinuum sources. Typical tranmission is greater than 80%, with maximum performance achieved using bandwidths ranging from 8nm to 50nm, as required for applications such as fluorescence imaging, spectroscopy and super-resolution microscopy.

When coupled to Fianium's brightest supercontinuum source, more than 100mW of power, tunable across the visible range, is available in a 25nm bandwidth. Like all Fianium supercontinuum accessories, the unit is plug-and-play with an easy-to-use graphical user interface and requires no user alignment.

Next-generation, LN2-cooled CCD camera for spectroscopy

Princeton Instruments has released PyLoNTM, a new line of controllerless, cryogenically cooled CCD cameras designed for quantitative spectroscopy applications that demand the highest possible sensitivity.

In creating the new PyLoN platform, Princeton redesigned its industry-leading Spec-10 family of cameras to remove the external controller, increasing experimental flexibility while further improving the ultra-low-noise electronics. Liquid nitrogen cooling virtually eliminates dark current, and readout noise has been further reduced from the already low levels in the Spec-10 platform.

PyLoN is available with Princeton's unique eXcelon technology which delivers the highest sensitivity in the UV and NIR while suppressing etaloning that occurs in standard back-illuminated deep depletion or back-illuminated CCD's.

The camera includes a GigE interface allowing operation at 4x higher speed than its predecessors, and is supported by Princeton's 64-bit LightField software with Intellical wavelength and intensity calibration option.

No other spectroscopy CCD is this cool, this quiet and this fast!

NEW Analogue Lock-in Amplifier from Stanford Research Systems

For some researchers digital lock-in amplifiers provide a source of high-frequency interference. Stanford has recognised this and has introduced the SR124, a low-noise, high-performance analogue lock-in amplifier.

The signal path is entirely built from low-noise analogue electronics. Configuration control is managed by a microcontroller whose system clock only oscillates during the brief moments needed to change gains or filter settings. This "clock-stopping" architecture eliminates the inconvenience and reliability issues associated with mechanical panel controls, and makes full remote operation of the SR124 possible. There is also a locking toggle switch on the front panel that can be set to "LOCK OUT", forcing the digital clock to remain off, even if you press other buttons or knobs so you can be confident that your experiment will be undisturbed.

High Performance Vibration Control Sale - On Now

The annual Coherent Scientific/TMC table sale is now on. You now have an opportunity to get the very best pneumatic vibration control products, such as optical tables, laboratory tables and table top platforms at highly reduced prices. Read more for full details.

New Website

We have a new website. Following a complete overhaul, we hope you will find our new website simple, easy to navigate and that you can easily find what you are looking for.

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