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NEW - Materials Processing Lasers Now Offered at 5µm

Coherent introduces a new generation of carbon monoxide (CO) lasers for materials processing, built on the framework of Coherent's well established slab/waveguide CO2 technologies. The characteristic 5.5µm emission wavelength offers advantages and alternatives to traditional 10.6µm CO2 lasers. The smaller wavelength and M2 <1.2 leads to smaller spot sizes at a focus for higher spatial processing resolution creating higher power densities. For materials with greater transparency at 5.5µm the increased depth of penetration leads to cleaner scribes and cuts and smaller heat affected zones. For materials with stronger absorption, higher throughput at lower average powers can be realised.

Currently available in the J-3 series platform (>200W) the Coherent's CO laser benefits from key design features of the J-3 CO2 of carbon dioxide lasers, including a long lifetime and completely sealed head.

Learn more about this technology here, or contact us to discuss how this technology can unlock previously inaccessible optical machining capabilities.

Brilliant High-End Stereomicroscopes

The SMZ25 Stereomicroscope from Nikon features a large zoom range of 25:1, high resolution and exceptional fluorescence transmission capability. Breakthroughs in optical design have resulted in significantly improved signal to noise ratio and crystal clear images in fluorescence as well as normal illumination techniques. The Nikon NIS-Elements software enables modalities including z-stack capture, time-lapse imaging and the generation of EDF images. View online video.

Best Value High Performance AFM

The Dimension® Edge Atomic Force Microscope system from Bruker offers access to the highest performance, accessibility and functionality in its class, by incorporating Bruker's PeakForce Tapping® Technology.

It leverages the many innovations of the Dimension Icon System, and is designed to deliver the low drift and low noise necessary to achieve publication-ready data in minutes instead of hours. You won't find a more powerful mid-priced AFM anywhere else. Download the datasheet.

High Throughput Spectrograph Gathers more Photons !

The Andor HoloSpec spectrograph uses Volume Phase Holographic (VPH) transmission gratings and an on-axis optical design to achieve very high (f/1.8) throughput, excellent imaging quality, low scattered light and very good spatial and spectral resolution.

The superb light-gathering efficiency of the HoloSpec is the perfect match to Andor's ultra-sensitive CCD, EMCCD and ICCD detectors, offering the most sensitive and versatile detection solution on the market for Visible and NIR spectroscopy.

Holospec includes an optional internal filter chamber for placement of high-performance SuperNotch filters, making it an ideal instrument for Raman spectroscopy applications. Download the datasheet.

Vibration Cancellation Platform

TMC introduces EverstillTM K-400, a compact, benchtop active vibration cancellation platform. The patented Everstill technology starts to isolate at 0.7Hz and delivers dramatic vibration cancellation, especially in the critical 1-10Hz range. Everstill achieves this performance through an active "hard-mount" with a serial type architecture. The design is robust, and requires no air. Download the datasheet.

New LDV Profile Sensor

Using conventional LDV systems in strong velocity gradients is difficult, because the measured velocity is an average over the length of the measuring volume. A new sensor now available from ILA enables high spatial resolution and high velocity Doppler measurements near to boundary layers, which has previously not been possible from a commercial instrument. Download the datasheet.


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