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Fianium now offers the WhiteLaseTM SC400-20, the world's most powerful blue-enhanced supercontinuum laser with over 20W of total power. This new laser produces over 3W of visible (400-750nm) and 4W of extended visible (400-850nm) power and a continuous output spectrum from <400nm to 2400nm.

Like all Fianium Supercontinuum Lasers, the WL-SC-400-20 operates at MHz repetition rate making it ideal for steady-state or time-resolved measurements and a perfect alternative to multiple discrete CW or pulsed lasers. With the addition of a tunable filter, users can expect >50mW output power at 405nm, and even higher powers at any other visible wavelength.

The laser is fully integrated with touch-screen control, requires no user maintenance and is compatible with all WhiteLase tunable filters and accessories. Download the datasheet.

New Ultrafast Laser Delivers Femotsecond Pulses at 40W Average Power

Coherent has released Monaco, a diode-pumped ultrafast laser delivering 40┬ÁJ pulses at 1035nm, with repetition rate variable from single shot to 1MHz. Standard pulsewidth is <400fs and an option is available for variable pulsewidth from <400fs to 10ps.

Monaco has outstanding beam quality (M2 < 1.2) making it ideal for demanding micromachining applications in research and industrial environments. Homogenous materials such as glass and metals as well as complex layered structures are readily addressed with Monaco's sub-400fs pulsewidth.

Finally, Monaco's reliability is assured through the HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) and HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screen) protocols employed during development and throughout production. Commonly used in the consumer electronics and automotive industries, Coherent has introduced HALT/HASS to the laser industry to bring an unrivalled standard of reliability and quality to laser-based manufacturing. Download the datasheet.

New - Coherent Fidelity HP Ultrafast Fibre Oscillator
<140fs pulsewidth, up to 18W average power

The Fidelity HP is the latest addition to Coherent's Fidelity turn-key oscillator packages. The Fidelity HP is an ideal source for nonlinear microscopy applications including optogenetics and functional brain scanning, nonlinear optics and commercial two-photon polymerisation applications. Improving the performance characteristics of the Fidelity 2, the Fidelity HP platform can deliver :

  • 10W or 18W average power
  • 1040nm horizontally polarised output
  • 140fs pulse durations
  • Adjustable negative GVD correction to 30,000fs2
  • Compact, turn key platform

As with the Monaco micromachining laser, and almost all next-generation Coherent advanced laser systems, reliability is assured through the HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) and HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screen) protocols employed during development and throughout production. Thanks to these integrated engineering priciples Coherent provides new laser systems with both a lower cost and time-to-data throughout its new product lines. Download the datasheet.

SR124 Analog Lock-In Amplifier for High-Frequency Noise Reduction

For over half a century, the lock-in amplifier has been the instrument of choice for measuring small AC signals in the presence of noise. Modern digital signal processing (DSP) lock-in amplifiers typically are ideal for many applications. But for a core group of users, including low-temperature researchers in particular, DSP becomes a potential source of high-frequency interference.

Recognising that one size should not have to fit all, SRS offers the SR124 200kHz Analog Lock-In Amplifier. Inspired by the best of an earlier generation's lock-ins, but availing itself of today's low-noise analog components and design methodologies, the SR124 is an uncompromising tour de force in low-noise, high-performance analog instrumentation.

The SR124 brings a <200kHz lock-in capability to the lab without any digital interference and a low-noise, all analog design. Download the datasheet.


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