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May 2013

New Stereomicroscopes - World's Highest Zoom and Revolutionary New Optics

Nikon has released two new stereomicroscopes; the SMZ25 and the SMZ18.

A feature hinted at in the name, the SMZ25 boasts a world first zoom ratio of 25:1 enabling macro to micro imaging in the one instrument. Both the SMZ25 and SMZ18 incorporate Nikon’s new and revolutionary Perfect Zoom system and exclusive ‘Fly-Eye’ uniform light technology to create crystal clear light images and stunning fluorescence performance. Available in motorised and manual options.

Live zebrafish expressing GFP- and RFP-neurons, imaged with the SMZ25 (fluorescence and OCC). Image courtesy of Joe Fetcho, Ph.D., Cornell University.

Higher Sensitivity Confocal Imaging

The A1R+ is Nikon's powerful fully-automated confocal imaging system, capable of capturing high-quality confocal images of cells and molecular events at high speed and enhanced sensitivity. Featuring a unique hybrid scanner and GaAsP PMT detectors the A1R+ microscope enables frame rates of 30fps (512 x 512 pixels) with enhanced sensitivity and unsurpassed image quality. The A1R+ hybrid resonant and galvo scanner enables simultaneous photo-activation and imaging, which is critical for unveiling cell dynamics and interactions.

Image of a zebrafish labeled with four probes (captured with galvano scanner) Nucleus (blue): Hoechst33342, Pupil (green): GFP, Nerve (yellow): Alexa555, Muscle (red): Alexa647 Photographed with the cooperation of: Dr. Kazuki Horikawa and Prof. Takeharu Nagai, Research Institute for Electronic Science, Hokkaido University

Biostation CT – Imaging Solution for Cell Culture Observation and Stem Cell Research

The Nikon Biostation CT allows for imaging experiments of large numbers of samples to be conducted without ever removing the cells from the standard sized tissue culture incubator they are in (Image left - Biostation interior). With a built in inverted microscope up to 30 vessels (ranging from 96 well plates to large flasks) can be imaged and moved between the microscope stage and the vessel rack via a robotic device while precise levels of CO2, humidity and temperature are maintained. Observation is available from the whole vessel macro view to phase contrast and fluorescence at 40x magnification. Powerful support is available for directed reprogramming, apoptosis, iPS and non-iPS cell colony auto identification, colony counting and other image analysis software for cancer research. The BioStation CT's are used by Nobel prize winning researcher Dr Shinya Yamanaka, CIRA, Kyoto University.

Heating and Freezing Microscope Stages

Since 1982, Linkam Scientific have been producing a range of heating and freezing stages to visualise and explore materials properties. As well as heating and freezing stages, Linkam offer controllers capable of not only precision temperature controls, but also moving precision stepper motors, displaying data from high resolution force transducers, humidity and gas sensors and data streaming on to a live video feed.
Linkam has available a range of application notes from subjects as diverse as glass properties in forensic applications, fluid inclusions in geological samples as well as an article discussing the relationship with Manchester Institute of Biology (MIB) and the development of CSS450 optical shearing stage to study viscosity of blood in diagnosing and understanding various diseases.
Software is available for temperature control and image capture packages compatible with Windows Operating Systems (from Windows XP upward, including Windows 7).
Coherent Scientific can supply Linkam systems for many brands of light microscope, Raman, IR and other forms of Spectroscopy.

World Precision Instruments Combines Tools and Technology to Solve Health Problems

WPI has been nominated for the STEMSmart Innovation Award. By developing a full range of products, an end-to-end solution that quantifies muscle function, WPI instruments can assist researchers in finding answers to the most vexing questions about muscle dystrophies, aging, and cardiac diseases.  From a whole organ down to the uptake of calcium ions in a cell, WPI’s instruments help researchers understand the physiological, biomechanical, and biophysical characteristics of a single isolated living cell. When WPI flexes its STEM smarts, medicine moves forward.


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