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Wishing you all a safe and merry festive season, and all the best for 2018 !

All sales end Friday 15 December.

Brad Hope
Coherent Scientific
Ph: (0402) 956 881

End of Year Sales End Soon ..

Significant savings are available on Nikon's range of optical microscopes, digital cameras and accessories, including the new Eclipse Ti2 advanced research inverted microscope (see below). Whether you need a complete new system - upright, stereo or inverted - or just some additional components to upgrade your existing system, contact us for a quotation today. Read the full announcement on our website.

Savings are available on TMC's range of vibration isolating optical tables, breadboards and laboratory tables ... Contact us for a quotation today.

10% discount is available on all WPI standard catalogue items, surgical instruments and laboratory equipment alike. Contact Tim Watts for a quotation today or download a catalogue.

Ti-2 Available for Sale Ex Stock

The new Nikon Eclipse Ti2 combines an unprecedented 25mm field of view with industry-leading optics, a Perfect auto-focusing System, and a stratum structure that set the standard for flexiblity in imaging. Coupled with Nikon's powerful software platform, NIS-Elements, the Ti2 delivers the most advanced platform for superior imaging. Download the brochure to learn more.

Our ex-demo Ti2-A and Ti2-E are currently available for sale at a significantly reduced price, and for immediate delivery. Contact us for a quotation or for further details of the system.


Tony Bradshaw
Microscopy - ACT/NSW, NZ
(0419) 819 259 Email
Ben Hegarty
Microscopy - NSW
(0410) 106 100 Email
Kieren McHugh
Microscopy - QLD
(0408) 744 166 Email
Paul Pearce
Microscopy - QLD
(0401) 278 860 Email
Andrew Marshall
Laser Microscopy - NT, SA, TAS
(0418) 833 855 Email
Rishi Raj
Microscopy - VIC
(0421) 545 661 Email
Ben Hibbs
Laser Microscopy - VIC
(0417) 117 881 Email
Brad Hope
Laser Microscopy - WA
(0402) 956 881 Email
Dr Robert Woolley
Microscopy Applications Specialist
(021) 288 8636 Email
Tim Watts
WPI Sales
(08) 8150 5289 Email
Julia King
National Sales Administration
(08) 8150 5255 Email
Andrew Masters
(0439) 819 095 Email

Coherent Scientific Pty. Ltd., Inc. in South Australia, Established in 1989, ABN 20 008 265 969

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