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Bruker Introduces World First Optical CMM with Nanoscale Precision Surface Technology

With the introduction of the Contour CMM, Bruker combines precision dimensional metrology with ultra-high precision 3D surface metrology for critical inspection of form and surface finish into one tool. As world leader in non-contact surface metrology for analysis of surface roughness and finish, the Contour CMM adds form measurement and CAD comparison with its 5-axis metrology stage system for small samples.

Now you can get surface geometry and dimensional analysis and reporting combined with precision nanoscale surface roughness measurement, improving the capabilities of traditional video CMM or stylus measurement tools. Contact us for more information or download the brochure.

Tribolab - The Complete Tribology Suite in One Tool

Many research and measurement laboratories require a suite of tribology tools for different applications including hardness and tensile testing, friction and wear studies, durability testing, high/low temperature testing and testing under lubricated conditions. Often single use tribology tools sit unused for long periods of time wasting valuable investment capital.

Bruker's Tribolab combines the capabilities of all these tools into one easy to use, high performance tribology measurement system. Combining an unmatched range of capabilities with high performance tribology allows the Bruker tribolab to have 20x better sensitivity than previous generations, while allowing rapid tool reconfiguration within minutes.

The Bruker Tribolab ensures maximum utilisation for critical tribology applications, and the flexibility to evolve with changing measurement requirements.

For more information on how the Bruker TriboLab can benefit your RnD or test and measurement laboratory view the online presentation or contact us today.

Nikon ModelMaker MMDx - Precision Reverse Engineering

Nikon's range of hand held laser scanners provide a rapid measurement solution to reproduction, reverse engineering and large parts qualification. With improved detection sensitivity, the MMDx can be applied to virtually all industrial materials at down to 10┬Ám resolution, while higher frame range acquisition and large laser stripe widths up to 200mm allow rapid reproduction of large surfaces. The MMDx is a fully portable, plug and play solution for measurement and inspection of hard-to-reach areas while remaining adaptable to a wide range of Nikon and third party articulated arms.

Get rapid qualification and parts CAD comparison out of the box, ready to use instantly.

Read the Nikon case studies to see how the ModelMaker is transforming industrial measurement inspection, or for more information download the brochure or contact us today.

Webinar : Bench-top Screening of Wet Clutch Materials

Friday 19 August, 2016, 1:00am

Register here

A critical characteristic in clutch material friction is a flat or positive gradient of friction coefficient wiht increasing velocity. A negative gradient promotes stick-slip behaviour, which can lead to undesirable clutch perfomrance characteristics, such as shudder and judder.

In this webinar, Bruker cover the motivation and method of a bench-top screening test for friction characteristics of clutch materials and automatic tranmission fluids (ATF's). Such testing is kep to the decrease in development time via the ranking of clutch materials and fluids prior to selection for standardised full-scale component test rigs or in-service vehicle field testing.


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