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March 2014

Comprehensive and Rapid Non-Contact Tool Metrology

It is known within the tooling industry that there is a correlation between the surface roughness of critical tools surfaces and a tool's ultimate function. Previous methods for monitoring and analysing this have been user dependent, subjective and non-quantitative. The NP FLEX 3D Optical Microscope from Bruker performs repeatable measurements on multiple drill bits allowing manufacturers to compile a quality process that is objective, comparable and repeatable through time. The critical measurement capabilities of the NP FLEX system allows manufacturer's to improve manufacturing processes, develop improved tool quality at lower cost and increase their speed to market. Download the application note.

Most Accessible High Performance AFM

The Dimension Edge AFM from Bruker leverages the many unique innovative technologies of the Dimension AFM product line and provides access to high performance imaging at a moderate price. At the heart of this system is Bruker’s revolutionary closed-loop scanner and drift-compensated stage that allows the productivity, accuracy, and sample versatility advantages of a large-sample, closed-loop system to be combined with the acquisition of high-resolution images traditionally only achieved by small-sample, open-loop systems. ScanAsyst® guarantees highest imaging resolution in air and fluid without the need for optimising operating parameters.

New TESP-V2 AFM Probes - On Sale !

Bruker AFM Probes has introduced an improved version of its popular TESP/TESPA AFM probes. The new design provides tighter control of probe dimensions, for improved probe-to-probe consistency, and improvements in aesthetics and quality. This AFM probe is unmounted for use on any AFM and is also available without aluminium reflex coating as model TESP-V2.

Save 10% on the price of these probes, available until the end of April 2014 !

Left: Image of Celgard using Dimension Icon and TESP-V2 probes, 2µm image, 1Hz scan rate, 512 x 512 Tapping Mode

Introducing Bruker's New Value Line AFM Probes - On Sale

Bruker's Value Line AFM Probes provide the best combination of competitively priced probes whilst ensuring Bruker level product quality and unrivalled AFM expertise and support.

The Value Line probes are designed for a wide range of applications where the highest level of performance is not required. The range of Value Line Probes has recently been extended to include electrical and magnetic probes, and additional types of imaging and force probes.

Save 10% on the price of these probes, available until the end of April 2014 !

Investigating Cell Mechanics with PeakForce QNM

Date: Thursday, March 13, 2014
Time: 2am - 3am AEDT

Cell biology has seen a surge in mechanobiology-related research directed towards understanding how cells exert and respond to forces. Examining the effects of forces on cells has a wide range of applications, from understanding disease pathology to the development of tissue engineering devices. Atomic force microscopy (AFM) not only allows direct examination of the nanoscale structure of cell membrane surfaces, it also provides unique opportunities to quantitatively measure the nanomechanical properties of live cells. While force spectroscopy and force volume imaging are the most common AFM modes used to measure mechanical forces, they both unfortunately suffer from slow acquisition speeds.

The recent release of Bruker's PeakForce QNM® resolves this limitation and has successfully demonstrated improved results in terms of resolution, speed, ease-of-use, and quality of the information delivered. PeakForce QNM imaging of living cells provides both high-resolution and quantitative two-dimensional spatial maps of cell mechanics that directly correlate to cell topography. Additionally, the different frequencies accessible with both force volume and PeakForce QNM provide new opportunities for examination of viscoelastic properties. In this webinar Bruker will review their latest progress using the BioScope Catalyst™ AFM and PeakForce QNM to study live mammalian and prokaryotic cells, as well as describe the latest NanoScope® and NanoScope Analysis features for acquiring and analysing nanomechanical measurements.


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