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Coherent Monaco with Opera HP for Pump-Probe Applications

Coherent has announced the release of the Opera-HP, Optical Parametric Amplifier for their Yb-based Monaco laser amplifier.

The Opera-HP is white-light seeded by the Monaco laser amplifier to deliver <300fs pulsewidths via hands-free, computer controlled automated tuning across a broad wavelength range covering deep UV to mid-IR at 1MHz repetition rates.

Applications for the Opera-HP and Monaco laser amplifier include: Multi-photon excitation, Optogenetics and time resolved and pump-probe spectroscopy. Download the datasheet.

Nikon End of Year Sale !

Its on again ! From now until the end of December, special pricing is being offered on all of Nikon's popular microscopes and digital cameras. Whether you need a complete new system - upright, stereo or inverted - or just some additional components to upgrade your existing system, contact us for a quotation today. Read the full announcement on our website.

Echelle Spectrograph Combines Wide Spectral Range and High Resolution

Andor's Mechelle ME5000 Echelle spectrograph has been designed to provide simultaneous recording of a wide wavelength range (200-975nm) in one acquisition. The instrument is based on the echelle grating principle and its patented optical design provides extremely low cross-talk and high resolution compared with other spectrographs.

Mechelle has no moving components and is supplied with a pre-aligned detector, chosen from Andor's iStar range of intensified CCD cameras. Andor's SOLIS software provides full control over data acquisition and automatically extracts a calibrated spectrum from the acquired echelle image.

Applications include laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), combustion studies and other time-resolve techniques requiring high spectral resolution. Download the brochure.

AFM Trade-In Special Offer

Trade-in your existing AFM on a brand new Bruker AFM and receive a significant discount. Running through until the end of November 2016, Bruker are offering substantial savings to trade in your old AFM - any manufacturer, any AFM. Trade up to the new Dimension FastScan or Icon or Innova or Multimode 8 highest resolution AFM or any of the AFM's in Bruker's range. Contact us for details on this special offer.

DG645 - Ultra-low Jitter Delay Generator

The Stanford DG645 is a versatile digital delay/pulse generator that provides precisely defined pulses at repetition rates up to 10MHz. The instrument offers several improvements over older designs - lower jitter, higher accuracy, faster trigger rates, and more outputs. The DG645 also has Ethernet, GPIB and RS-232 interfaces for computer or network control of the instrument. Download the datasheet.


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