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ANDOR Dragonfly
High-Speed Multi-Modal Confocal Platform

Andor Technology has launched Dragonfly, a high-speed confocal imaging platform supporting multiple imaging techniques. Watch the Dragonfly story !

Dragonfly integrates Andor's industry-leading cameras with the patented Borealis Perfect IlluminationTM system to deliver outstanding image quality characterised by low noise, wide dynamic range, high resolution and exceptional sensitivity.

Mouse Colonic Epithelial Organoid
Courtesy: Ronan Mellin
and Luke Boulter
MRC Human Genetics Unit
Edinburgh University

Dragonfly is a multi-dimensional imaging platform offering three key imaging modalities. At its core is a multi-point confocal for high-speed and high-sensitivity image capture. With speed at least 10x faster than conventional confocal technology, this mode is the optimal solution for live cell imaging, avoiding sensitivities to phototoxicity and photobleaching.

A second mode is laser-illuminated widefield epifluorescence. This mode is ideal for applications that do not benefit from confocal imaging, such as very thin samples or applications that require high laser power density, such as single molecule localisation. This mode benefits from Borealis illumination and is complemented by GPU accelerated deconvolution.

The third mode is total internal reflectance microscopy (TIRF) which is available as a factory-installed option. This is the tool of choice for imaging protein dynamics at or proximal to the cell membrane.

The Dragonfly platform is controlled by Andor's Fusion software, which reduces the complexity of instrument control and simplifies data acquisition. Fusion enables real-time volumetric image rendering for instant feedback of specimen health, imaging conditions and spatial relationships of key features within specimens. Fusion's GPU-accelerated deconvolution, running at least 10x faster than conventional processing, offers iterative algorithms which enhance contrast as well as lateral and axial resolution in laser widefield, confocal and TIRF imaging.

Please watch the Dragonfly story or contact us to learn more about this revolutionary new system.

Whole brain scale synaptome mapping charting protein distributions at single synapse resolution.
This 4-colour, 384 tile montage was captured in 50 mins, compared to >12 hours using point scanning confocal
Courtesy: Professor Seth Grant, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, Edinburgh University


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