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August 2014

Nikon C2+ Confocal Special Pricing

Coherent Scientific together with Nikon Instruments are pleased to make available a special offer on the Nikon C2+ confocal system with an upright Ni-E microscope for just AUD149,957 ex-GST until 20th December 2014.

System includes:

  • Motorised Ni-E upright microscope with manual stage
  • C2+ confocal scan head with 3 channel detector and transmission detector
  • New LU-N3 alignment free laser launch with 405nm, 488nm and 561nm lasers
  • Highest quality Plan Apochromat objectives 10x, 20x, 40x and 60xoil
  • Easy to use yet powerful NIS Elements software

Terms and conditions apply. Special pricing on the C2+ with Ti-E inverted microscope is also available. Contact us today for more information.

New Nikon FX Range
High speed/high sensitivity USB3.0 cameras – Upgrade today!

CCD technology has long been the staple of scientific imaging. The gap in quality between CCD and CMOS is gradually closing and has reached a tipping point where Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) cameras are achieving exceptional standards with huge advantages in speed and large fields of view. The introduction of Nikon’s new FX-CMOS cameras expands on this progress again by offering affordable bright field and monochrome models with fast live frame rates, more than 5 times the sensitivity of their CCD predecessors and a field of view that is 3-4 times larger than a typical CCD camera. The FX range utilises USB 3.0 connectivity for fast data transfer and future proofing against ageing FireWire/USB 2.0 technology.

Image right: LLC-PK1 cells expressing GFP-EB3 tubulin (green) and H2B-labeled histones (red) illustrating the large field of view of the DS-Qi2 camera. Sample courtesy of Michael Davidson, National High Magnetic Field Labratory, Florida State University

To celebrate the release of Nikon’s FX range cameras we are offering a trade in promotion on any microscope CCD camera when upgrading to a new Nikon FX colour or monochrome system.

Demonstration models are available now, please contact us to organise a demo in your lab or download the brochure to learn more.

Stereomicroscope on Sale !

The popular Nikon SMZ745T is now on sale for a limited time. The SMZ745T has an extemely high zoom range of 7.5x and a superior working distance of 115mm. A switching lever is included in the optical path that enables easy switchover between eyepiece and camera.

SMZ745T zoom stereo microscope on offer includes:

  • Magnification range with standard 10x eyepieces – 6.7 to 50x
  • With trinocular head and in-built C Mount / 0.55x relay lens
  • Adjustable LED Lighting from top and base
  • Complete with dust cover and 12 month warranty
  • AUD2400 plus GST

Offer ends 30 September 2014, contact us today.

New Linear Motor Stage from Prior

Prior’s newest stage technology, the HLD117 Linear Motor Stages bring a new level of speed and precision to microscope automation. With superior repeatability of 0.15μm, scanning speeds of up to 300mm per second and amazingly low velocity ripple even at speeds down to one micron per second, the HLD117 series of stages is the highest performing stage Prior has ever produced. The innovative low profile, flat top design and ultra quiet operation make the stage especially well suited for high end OEM and end user applications where performance matters most. Download the datasheet.

Electrophysiology and Calcium Imaging

Professor Nick Spencer and his team at the Department of Physiology, Flinders University are interested in how pain is detected from internal organs, such as the gastrointestinal tract. One of the challenges has been recording from nerve endings with electrophysiology, this approach did not allow them to record multiple sites simultaneously. However using the Photometrics Evolve 512 Delta EMCCD camera for calcium imaging has enabled them to  do this now. Download the paper to read more.


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