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July 2014

Gooch & Housego has appointed Coherent Scientific as its distributor for Australia and New Zealand.

G&H designs and manufactures high-quality active and passive fibre optic components as well as optical modules and custom assemblies. Their capabilities include:

High Power DFB Lasers

DFB lasers are available in the C and L bands (1530-1605nm) as well as 1310nm and 1064nm. These lasers have low noise, high power (to 100mW) and may be directly modulated at frequencies up to 2.5GHz. Lasers are available in standard 14-pin butterfly packages or as OEM modules (see image) in which the laser is packaged with isolator, temperature controller and other electronics. Read more on G&H website.

Single-mode Pump Lasers

The G&H line of single mode, cooled 980nm pump lasers delivers up to 700mW of fibre-coupled power. The hermetically sealed 14 pin butterfly package is available with a fiber Bragg grating and includes thermoelectric cooler, thermistor, monitor photodiode and UniDryâ„¢ getter. The fiber Bragg grating precisely locks the centre wavelength over extended power and temperature range. Center wavelengths in the range of 976nm to 980nm are available with tight wavelength control. Read more on G&H website.

Multimode Pump Lasers

These modules are ideal for use in a variety of applications where brightness is essential with a reliable and robust packaging. Power of up to 7W is available in at wavelengths of 915, 940, 960, 975 and 808nm. Each module is hermetically sealed into an 8 pin or 14 pin butterfly metal ceramic package and contains a thermistor for temperature monitoring. The module is pigtailed using a step index fibre with a 0.15 or 0.22 numerical aperture, 105 micron core diameter. Read more on G&H website.

Fibre-coupled AOM's

Most acousto-optic devices are capable of being fibre-coupled. The most common fibre-coupled devices are modulators, fixed frequency shifters and tunable filters. Gooch & Housego offer an extensive range of products as standard, together with our full custom design and manufacture service. Read more on G&H website. Read more on G&H website.

For more information please visit the Gooch & Housego website or contact Dr Paul Wardill.


Dr Paul Wardill
(08) 8150 5279 (0419) 810 220 Email
Jeshua Graham
(08) 8150 5254 (0488) 177 540 Email
Andrew Masters
(0439) 819 095 Email

Coherent Scientific Pty. Ltd., Inc. in South Australia, Established in 1989, ABN 20 008 265 969

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