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Aerotech HexGen HEX500-350HL Hexapod

Introducing the next generation of 6 degrees of freedom positioning systems, the Aerotech HexGenTM systems offer a high-load, ultra-precise hexapod ideal for applications in X-ray diffraction, sensor and component testing and high-force manipulation. Offering superior structural design, flexibility in configurations and the powerful HEXRC controller, the HexGenTM provides the ultimate performance and is the only hexapod on the market with guaranteed positioning accuracy specifications.

Key features:

  • Six degrees-of-freedom positioning with linear travels of 110mm and 40┬░ angular motion
  • Precision design with guaranteed positioning accuracy specifications
  • Minimum incremental motion of 20nm in XYZ and 0.2┬Árad angular motion
  • Flexible configurations and customisation
  • Powerful HEXRC controller based on award-winning A3200 technology, providing visualisation of the hexapod workspace and coordinate systems

Download the brochure.

PeakForce SECM - AFM-Based Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy

Bruker's exclusive PeakForce SECMTM mode is the world's first complete commercial solution for AFM-based scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM). With a spatial resolution less than 100nm, PeakForce SECMTM uniquely provides simultaneous capture of topographical, electrochemical, electrical and mechanical maps with nanoscale lateral resolution. This technology radically redefines what is possible in the nanoscale visualisation of electrical and chemical processes in liquid. Download the brochure,

  • Acquire previously unattainable electrochemical information
  • Perform simultaneous electrochemical, electrical and mechanical mapping in liquid
  • Benefit from reliable, easy-to-use probes specifically designed for SECM
  • Experience high-resolution AFM and SECM performance

Join the webinar presented by Dr Teddy Huang, Senior Applications Scientist, Bruker on Friday 9 September 1am. Register here.

Femtosecond Pulses Tunable from 505nm to 4000nm

Coherent has released the Mira OPO-X : a synchronously pumped, widely tunable, optical parametric oscillator (OPO) accessory that dramatically extends the wavelength coverage of femtosecond Ti:Sapphire lasers (such as Mira and Chameleon) from 505nm to 4000nm. It is fully automated with software-controlled tuning over the full specified wavelength range. The control software can be accessed remotely via the system's TCP/IP software interface making the MIRA OPO-X easy to integrate into larger experimental setups and software controlled environments.

Mira OPO-X is designed around a unique fan-poled crystal technology which allows fully independent tunability between pump and OPO output wavelengths. This enables dual-wavelength applications such as simultaneous multiphoton excitation imaging of different fluorophores, uncaging, CARS/SRS and other two-colour pump-probe experiments. For more information on Coherent's complete range of UF products, down the UF product catalog.

NEW Nikon/JEOL Benchtop SEM

The New NeoScope II Plus Benchtop SEM from Nikon/JEOL combines advanced imaging and class leading capability with simple operation and low maintenance. It is the only benchtop SEM to provide both the trusted image quality obtained by Secondary Electron Imaging operated under high vacuum, and the charge reduction capabilities of low vacuum operation. The system can be started in either low or high vacuum and then switched between the two by the click of a button. Additionally the NeoScope II Plus offers the optional EDS X-Ray detector for high resolution compositional spectral analysis of your samples, and this is is enhanced with three accelerator voltages to choose from (5, 10, 15kV). Download the brochure.

Image right : Metal fracture surface, HV SEI, accelerating voltage 15kV, magnification x5,000


Dr Paul Wardill
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Christian Gow
Applications Specialist
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