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WPI End of Year Sale Starts Today !

10% discount is available on all WPI catalogue items, surgical instruments and laboratory equipment alike. Take advantage of these savings to stock your lab prior to Christmas, so you can hit the ground running in 2017 !

Download the 2016 WPI Laboratory Equipment Catalogue or the 2016 Surgical Instruments Catalogue

Contact Tim Watts to place your order today.

Nikon End of Year Sale is Now On !

Significant savings are now available across the range of Nikon's optical microscopes (and accessories) and digital cameras. From basic student upright and stereomicroscopes through to the high end fully motorised SMZ, Ni-E and Ti-E. Read the full details on our website or contact us for a quotation today.

TMC End of Year Sale is Now On !

The TMC End of Year Sale is now on with reduced pricing available on optical tables, breadboards and laboratory tables including the new CleanBench next generation laboratory table. TMC's industry leading vibration isolation laboratory tables are ideal for a wide variety of applications including AFM, confocal microscopy, IVF and patch-clamping. Contact us for a quotation today.

Re-scan Confocal Microscope

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v80), quality = 90The RCM Re-scan Confocal Microscope is a new type of confocal microscope, with improved resolution and sensitivity. It is a customised device, making it ideal for labs with specific interests and is therefore also very affordable.

The RCM unit is a plug-and-play box that can easily be connected via standard C-mount adapters to the microscope and camera. The laser light can be fed into the RCM unit via a single mode fibre connector. All connectors are standard - so no restrictions there ! The vastly improved sensitivity of the RCM means there is no need for high laser power, and hence is more friendly for cells. Watch the video on this exciting new product.

Webinar - Dragonfly and The Core Facility

Dr Geraint Wilde (Andor) and Dr Ann Wheeler (Core Facility Manager, Edinburgh University) recently presented the launch webinar for Andor's breakthrough high speed confocal platform - Dragonfly. If you missed the webinar, you can watch the recording here.

The Dragonfly offers you a sharp insight into the world of your specimen by employing a novel multi-point confocal system, optimised for fast, flexible and sensitive scanning. It extends your sample's longevity and significantly speeds up data acquisition.

3DHistech Tissue Microarrayers

Tissue Microarray (TMA) is a rapidly evolving diagnostic and research tool. A microarray contains small representative tissue samples from multiple cases, all assembled on a single histological slide allowing for high throughput analysis of multiple specimens at the same time.

3DHistech offers TMA solutions ranging from manual kits up to the ultimate in fully automated TMA creation, the TMA Grand Master with an incredible 60 donor block, 12 recipient block capacity and PCR extraction functionality. Download the brochure.

NIS-Elements C-ER : Automatic Enhanced Resolution Imaging

The application range of conventional confocal microscopes is very wide, and increasing the resolution is in high demand. To meet these demands, Nikon developed a Confocal Imaging Software "NIS-Elements C-ER" which can easily provide high resolution confocal image.

Higher resolution confocal images can be generated with a single click operation. The software assesses the captured image and automatically determines processing parameters to achieve enhanced resolution without sacrificing imaging operability.

In addition, the resolution of previously captured confocal images can be improved using the pre-processing technology.

With newly developed image processing technology, image resolution can be increased beyond that of a conventional confocal image (resolution can be improved 1.5x (XY), 1.7x (Z).


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