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Product Demonstration - Benchtop SEM

The NeoScope benchtop scanning electron microscope from Nikon/JEOL is a powerful SEM with magnifications up to 60,000X and is as simple to operate as a digital camera. Whether used by trained electron microscopists as a simple screening instrument, or by lab technicians as a higher resolution alternative to the light microscope, the compact NeoScope accelerates the pace of research in the life sciences, forensics and pharmaceutical fields.

We currently have a demonstration system available to try in your laboratory. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange to try the system. Download the brochure.

NEWS FLASH - This unit will be available for sale at a heavily reduced price (EDS upgrade available at additional cost) for delivery in December 2015. Contact your local salesperson for more information.

Capturing Biological Dynamics with Ease

Bruker's FastScanTM BioAFM has been built upon the world's most advanced large-sample AFM platform and includes specialised features for life science researchers. It has been specifically designed for high-resolution, live-sample observation of interacting molecules, membrane proteins, DNA protein binding, inter-cellular signalling and many other dynamic biological studies.

Image : AFM image sequence of the leading front of a migrating stem cell showing the formation of two extended lamellipodia. As the cell 'crawls' forward, membrane flows to the cell front filling in the space between the lamellipodia. Images were recorded every 40 seconds at a resolution of 512 x 128 pixels.

The Bruker Dimension FastScan Bio breaks long-standing barriers and provides ease-of-use capabilities for routine biological experimentation. These breakthroughs allow many more researchers to observe and study biomolecular structures and mechanisms.

FastScan Bio's high-resolution and high-speed scanning provide the best available Atomic Force Microscope for high resolution biological imaging enabling in-situ high resolution dynamic studies with nanoscale resolution for a rapidly evolving branch of biological research including the observation of molecules, proteins, DNA, RNA, living cell membranes and tissues, and many other dynamic studies. Download the datasheet.

CleanBench - New Vibration Isolation Table

CleanBenchTM is the next generation of the establised vibration isolation 63-500 Laboratory Tables from TMC, combining the latest improvements to the design with superior Gimbal Piston Isolators.

The new design offers TMC's CleanTop® steel honeycomb structure with ultra-stiff, damped and layered platform design. Ergonomic improvements have also been made by reducing the thickness of the tabletop without any sacrifice in isolation performance and new sizes have been added to the CleanBenchTM range along with the tapped hole patterns.

CleanBenchTM provides greater stability, more comfort and an easy-to-use platform for a variety of life sciences applications. Download the datasheet.

Ex-Demo Okolab Stage Top Incubation System for Sale

This high quality Okolab H301 stage top incubator is a top of the range live cell system. Featuring touch screen controller to operate and monitor temperature, %CO2 and humidity. All that is required to have this live cell chamber up and running is connection to 100% CO2.

Being a stage top system allows it to be put on any major model of inverted microscope with a motorised stage, giving the user unrestricted access around the whole microscope.

Please contact your local salesperson to find our more about this great offer or download the datasheet.


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